Many Industries todayare exploring ways to manage the complexity of their Industrial Automation infrastructure while simultaneously increasing productivity. Complimenting NHP's Industrial Automation solutions is a fully integrated hardware and software solution purpose built to deliver continuously availability for applications and data services.

Designed specifically for mission critical applications, Stratus ftServer delivers faster application performance, lowers planned downtime, and enhances manageability. ftServer is the ideal platform for consolidating your physical server infrastructure, and ensuring the availability of your virtualized applications.

Key features:

  • Modernise your automation infrastructure without risk
  • Improve performance increase plant efficiency
  • Eliminate unplanned downtime
  • Increase productivity and quality
Simplified deployment

Continuous availability is ensured, with no need to modify your current applications or write failover scripts

Lower total cost of ownership

After factoring in acquisition, deployment, management, and unplanned downtime costs, Stratus ftServers can save you up to 40%

Simplified management

Self-monitoring hardware, automated parts replacement, and easy to replace subsystems remove the burden of continuous system management

No data corruption or data loss

The integrity of both your committed and in-flight data is protected, with the assurance that all of your transactions are processed

No unplanned downtime

Constant application availability as you ride through power spikes and transient error, which would be fatal to other x86 systems

Cost of Downtime Calculator

Please click the link below to access the Cost of Downtime Calculator and get your customised report.

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