SMART Panelboards are built using NHP's new CONCEPT enclosure, this is designed to the latest switchboard standards AS/NZS 61439.

End users and electrical contractors benefit from the array of connected SMART technologies contained within the CONCEPT enclosure, providing energy consumption and switchgear health analytics available via a variety of network protocols. NHP's National Manufacturing Centre located in Victoria can build SMART panelboards for different project requirements.

SMART Panelboard Selection guide
Enhance your CONCEPT Panelboard with SMART Upgrade options


Fast cable connections to minimise installation time

Allen Bradley 1492-P Push-In Terminal Blocks

For speed of fit off, all of the internal device control power, communications and relay signaling are terminated into a convenient push-in terminal row. This wiring arrangement also enables ease of ongoing maintenance and improves long term reliability.

Regulatory testing of critical devices and systems

Rapid Test Earth Leakage Device Test System

This unique system allows an entire distribution board fitted with earth leakage circuit breakers to be tested in accordance with Work Health and Safety regulations within minutes, ensuring maximum safety of personnel and diagnosing problems immediately.

The captured information is automatically stored and can be uploaded to a secure cloud-based reporting system, providing easy access for you to view testing results and compliance certificates on a preferred device, remotely or on-site.

Compact Emergency Light Test System

Emergency Lighting Test Units provide a safe, simple and time efficient testing method to comply with the six monthly testing requirements of AS/NZS 2293 standards.

During a test, the timer starts and a contactor cuts mains supply so emergency and exit lights run on battery power. The inspection continues until either the timer times out or the stop button is pressed to cancel the test, and mains power is automatically restored to the lights and the batteries recharge.

Automatic transfer switching equipment for backup power connection and generator testing applications

Socomec ATyS transfer switch (mains & alternative supply)

The Socomec ATyS transfer switch is used to manage and automatically switch between an incoming mains and alternative power supply (ie diesel genset) ensuring minimal power loss to critical loads.

The ATyS is based on proven load break switch technology, which guarantees both the continuity of the power supply and the safety of operators. Depending on requirements of state based Service Installation Rules (SIRs), the ATyS can be used as the main incoming isolator.

Energy management and predictive maintenance reporting

WM50 Branch Energy Monitor and SMART Energy Reporting System (UWP3.0/VMU-C)


Entire switchboards can be monitored using only one NHP device. With the WM50 you can monitor up to any combination of single-phase, two-phase and three-phase loads for a maximum of 96 channels.

Pairing with the UWP3.0 or VMU-C, all channels can be monitored through a webserver based solution alongside the rest of the SMART devices.

Discover how energy management can elevate your system.

Maximum safety - arc flash, earth leakage and surge protection

PowerMax GB Isolation Chassis

The NHP PowerMax GB Isolation Chassis reduces potential hazards for electrical maintenance workers through a combination of innovation and NHP's solid chassis design principals.

The result is a high quality encapsulated chassis that incorporates a proven mechanically interlocked busbar tee off disconnection system. Its mechanical strength and thermal performance are unmatched within the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Furthermore, the PowerMax GB Isolation Chassis has local Temperature rise (to AS/NZS 61439.1) and short circuit (to AS/NZS 3439.1:2002) 3rd party TUV test verification.

Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers

With the AS/NZS3000 wiring rules now mandatory in Australia and New Zealand, it is critical that all installations are protected and comply with the updated standards.

NHP's range of earth leakage circuit breakers (RCBOs) provides a higher level of protection with Type AC RCD/RCBOs through to Type A RCD/RCBOs, which allow for protection against common rectified loads that may produce earth faults with a DC compon

Safe Ground Surge Protection Device (SPD)

SPDs discharge excess energy to ground, thus limiting the peak voltage to a value acceptable level preventing the destruction of sensitive equipment

The SAFEGROUND® SPD is the first protection device on the market that features an integrated ground status indictor which visually signals whether there is an adequate path to ground, which is essential if the protection device is to shunt the energy peaks to ground effectively.

Arc LogiX Optical SS Relay

The Arc LogiX™ OPTICAL SS is a light reactive arc flash relay which limits arc fault damage by using fibre optic light sensors to rapidly detect an arc fault event and trip the incoming circuit breaker. The Arc LogiX Optical SS is a solid state, super high speed, arc flash protection relay intended for use with switchgear utilising two optical point sensors. It is perfect for use in small one or two ACB switchboards or in a panelboard where the main switch is a circuit breaker fitted with a shunt trip coil.

AS/NZS 61439 standard update
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