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NHP’s visual and audible signalling product range

Brightness depends upon the type of beacon chosen, the rated power output of the unit i.e. watts and joules, the distance that the signal is observed from and the dome colour of the beacon used. In general, if the viewing distance is doubled, the light intensity observed is reduced to a quarter and if the distance is quadrupled the light intensity is reduced to a sixteenth.

With many years experience in the area of sounder selection your local NHP representative is always available to offer advice in helping to choose the correct product. When selecting a sound device a careful study of your requirements should be made.

Visual signalling product range Audible signalling product range
The ISO™ range

NHP’s Industrial Strength Options (ISO) range of IP 66 rated plugs and sockets are suitable for industrial, commercial and domestic single and three phase applications.

The range is comprehensive in terms of its colours, materials and modularity to resist the effects of chemical attacks in different applications

From 10 A to 50 A; 3, 4 and 5 pin configurations, the ISO™ range has been widely used across most industries in Australia and New Zealand and our customers have trusted the use of these products for their applications.

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Leading emergency and exit lighting solutions to suit all applications

Stanilite offers a comprehensive portfolio of products to suit individual budget and project requirements. No matter how large or small the installation is, you can buy with the peace of mind of knowing that each product is designed using the most innovative and cutting edge technology, delivered to you at a competitive price.

Stanilite emergency lighting products are designed and manufactured under the ISO9001 Quality Management System, ensuring reduced failure rates and higher quality finished products for the Australian market.

By choosing Stanilite as your emergency lighting partner, you will be placing your projects, systems, and your people in safe hands.

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Measure and control energy with the new Tembreak Pro range

TemBreak Pro is a range of high performance Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCBs) designed to protect the electrical systems of today and connect to the information systems of tomorrow

  • Very broad range of MCCBs which have frame sizes from 160A up to 3200A
  • A mixed blend of trip unit technologies including Thermal Magnetic (TM), Basic Electronic (BE) and “SMART” digitally connected metering types
  • Breaking capacities (Icu) from 25kA – 200kA
  • Face plate labels are colour coded to trip unit technology types
  • Suits 400-690VAC installation
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Sprecher + Schuh Control and Protection Products

NHP offers a wide range of Sprecher+Schuh low-voltage control products including contactors, relays, starters, pushbuttons, terminal blocks, cam switches and timers.

The products are crafted with precision and tested rigorously for performance – exceeding industry standards. Sprecher+Schuh is the brand of choice if you seek quality, reliability, and a name you can trust.

Sprecher + Schuh Product Range
Why upgrade or migrate to CEP7-1 Electronic Overload Relay

While the CEP7-ED1/EE Overload Relay has been a valuable part of NHP’s Motor Protection Portfolio for over 18 years, this product is now obsolete and superseded by the Sprecher + Schuh CEP7-1 Electronic Overload Relay. The CEP7-1 is the next generation electronic overload relay. It has enhanced features to better safeguard your motor investments, including increased accuracy and repeatability, a self-powered design with lower heat dissipation, and optional expansion capabilities.

CEP71-Electronic-Overload-Relay Range

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Specialist electrical and automation products, systems and solutions.

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Motor Control and Variable Speed Drives

Local choice powered by global partners

At NHP, we’re closer than you think. With locations across Australia and New Zealand, and representatives in your local area, we’re the local choice powered by global partners.

Industries and Solutions

  • SCG
    Commercial Construction
    NHP provides electrical distribution, energy management and control systems, and power quality products and solutions to suit Australasia's construction industry.
  • Refuel-International-2018
    When it comes to a reliable end to end solutions provider for your Defence requirements, you can trust NHP to ensure your facility upholds a safe and sustainable operation.
  • Boral-Montrose
    Heavy & Civil Engineering Construction
  • Laverton-Case-study

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