Who we are

NHP is a place where you can make a difference! We create an environment that enables our people to achieve their aspirations. As you explore our site and discover what we stand for, you will notice this is not only a great place to work, but also a place where family values thrive and everyone is looked after.

Our guiding principles

The difference we want to make is defined by what we do and they unite us, pushing us towards the same direction.


Flexible Discipline

At NHP, we provide an environment that enables you to leverage off our business processes and the expertise of the people around you, to allow you to express your ingenuity and judgement to achieve positive results.


Our individual roles may be different, but it is our collective responsibility to take ownership of everything we do. It is what makes us reliable and enables us to build trust among our clients and between ourselves.


We seek to find enjoyment in whatever we do. It motivates us to work better, allowing us to create an environment that is supportive, collaborative and inclusive for everyone.

Empowering Customers

Our success is defined by our customers. We aim to provide them the tools and resources they want and need, so that they can move one step closer to achieving their goals with us.

Team Spirit

We look after each other like family. It brings us together, building confidence and creating a sense of pride and trust that inspires and motivates.

Make a Difference

We are committed to empowering our people to do their best work. We encourage lifelong learning so we never stop growing. This is what defines us.

We will set you up to thrive

Gain global experience in a local environment. Join us.

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