An integrated switchboard solution providing high performance switchgear with ultimate reliability, advanced safety and connected intelligence.

Built with the CUBIC modular system, SMART Main Switchboards use core NHP SMART technologies to secure maximum power availability.

NHP's extensive network of 120 CUBIC accredited expert switchboard builders can design and build an IEC / AS/NZS 61439 design verified SMART switchboard to meet your power critical application needs.

Core components of SMART Main Switchboard

Unmatched protection

Terasaki TemPower 2 Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs)

Unique ‘double break’ modular contact mechanism interrupts < 30mS and reduces let-through energy.

Provides energy consumption, equipment status and critical condition monitoring using the novel ‘3C’ overheating technology.

In 2021 NHP will be offering an integrated remote racking solution that will eliminate the need for manual racking procedures.

In 2021 NHP will be offering an integrated remote racking solution that will eliminate the need for manual racking procedures.

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Maximum Arc Flash Safety

Arc LogiX CS System and Arc LogiX Optical relays

The Arc LogiX™ product range consists on two complementary technologies, the smart touch screen based system called Arc LogiX™ CS and the Optical arc flash relay called Arc LogiX™ Optical. Both technologies should be installed into an LV switchboard to provide arc fault maximum protection.

Air Circuit Breaker 'maintenance mode system'. The Arc LogiX™ CS is a smart touch screen based system that works by implementing a temporary 'reduced arc flash energy' protection setting 'maintenance mode' within the incoming Terasaki TemPower 2 series air circuit breakers (ACBs) before personnel can enter a switchroom.


The Arc LogiX™ OPTICAL RS is a light reactive arc flash relay which limits arc fault damage by using fibre optic light sensors to rapidly detect an arc fault event and trip the Terasaki ACB. The Arc Logix Optical RS best suits multiple zone arc protection applications as it can accept up to four optical point sensors and one optical linear sensor. It is Ideal for use in main switchboards with multiple ACBs and multiple monitoring zones, especially if there is a busway to monitor.

Customisable CUBIC Modular Switchboard Enclosure System

The CUBIC Modular switchboard system is independently tested for verification to IEC 61439 and hence all documentation is directly applicable to AS/NZS 61439 'Original Manufacturer' verification requirements without the need for expensive local testing. NHP train, accredit and technically support over 120 CUBIC assembly manufacturing partners based in Australia and New Zealand though a dedicated CUBIC Global training program ensuring a high and uniform quality for CUBIC switchboards worldwide.

The CUBIC Modular system has also passed arc fault containment testing for AS/NZS 61439 Annex ZD and the more demanding IEC/TR 61641. This successful testing demonstrates that should an arc fault occur within the switchboard, the dangerous gases, pressure and heat are vented out the top or rear of the board away from personnel.

Furthermore the CUBIC Modular Switchboard system have a 'click in' fully Insulated busbar system is available which can prevent the initiation and propagation of an arc fault on the busbar providing the maximum level of safety.

Energy management and predictive maintenance reporting

Multifunction Power Meters

Energy Metering is the essential component to understanding your energy consumption and power quality. Providing important information for operators to identify consumption trends and take corrective actions, NHP raises the bar when it comes to technology and performance with a comprehensive range of energy and advanced multi-function meters.

Highly accurate and reliable with class 0.5S and class 0.2S options, all NHP energy and multi-function meters are available with communication for populating all captured information into a centralized energy management system, building management system or SCADA system.

Visual Safety

Rem Live Positive Isolation Indicator

The REMLIVE device provide users with visual warning indicators to highlight when a circuit is live, providing instant visibility when something is wrong or unsafe within a switchboard.

The panel indicator rated at IP66  is designed to fit through the front of a control panel through a standard 30.5mm pushbutton hole.

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