Enabling a Connected Enterprise starts with SMART Distribution

Implement a network populated with devices that can sense and communicate a wealth of technical health and diagnostic data to help you efficiently use the available energy, reduce operating costs, improve safety of the switchroom and better predict the failure mode of critical devices long before any unexpected power blackout occurs.

SMART Distribution is a high performance, digitally connected, cost optimized power reticulation product suite for Medium and Low Voltage applications ensuring your energy is connected at all levels.

Benefits of SMART Distribution

A SMART Distribution solution is the next evolution to address each of these challenges through switchgear innovation, data integration and enhanced safety

Digital connectivity to improve facility performance

Monitor and analyse energy and maintenance data to improve facility performance.

Improved business continuity

Centralise your analytics for operational insights.

Enhanced protection of your people and assets

Prevent electrical arcing fault, fires and shocks and recover swiftly from outages.

Predictive maintenance technologies to extend service life

Increase equipment reliability by anticipating issues before they happen

Enabling the Connected Enterprise - SMART Devices

SMART Monitoring
SMART Motor Control
Smart Safety
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