You can't achieve SMART Manufacturing without embracing modern technology. This is where NHP can help our customers modernise their automation systems and start their journey towards Industry 4.0. 

Current State of the Industry

In 2014, ARC Advisory Group reported that 88% of process manufacturers acknowledged the use of automation beyond the manufacturer's obsolescence date.

According to ARC Advisory Group, there is currently more than $65 billion worth of legacy automation assets reaching the end of their useful life. And though some would like to think these systems can run and be serviced indefinitely, it is simply not possible.

After operating a PLC-5® or SLC® controller for over 20 years, for example, maintenance might start to feel like the controller is bulletproof - that since it has made it so long without a problem, it will continue to do so. But, as it often does in life, age wins in the end and serviceability will be limited or even non-existent.

Challenges to obsolescence

Increasing support costs

As machines become older, they break down more frequently. Not only do frequent breakdowns result in lost revenue, replacement parts get more expensive as time goes on.

Subject matter expert attrition

The older generation is leaving the workforce with tremendous knowledge as subject matter experts.

At the same time there's a younger generation entering the workforce with different training and general life experience to someone who's been in the industry for 20-30+ years.

The younger generation not only accept IOT devices and PowerBi's "dashboard" style reporting - they demand it.

Regulatory compliance

There's a good chance that a machine designed and installed 30 years ago might not meet the latest industry standards.

Safety and sustainability

A system that was considered "safe" 20 years ago is not necessarily safe or might not meet the standards now. Standards are reviewed/updated every 2-3 years.

Limited parts availability

Spare parts are hard to come by when a product ages as internal components are no longer available due to the technology moving on.

Modernisation incentives

  • Connectivity

    We can't afford to have any "islands" of automation. Standalone machines will become obsolete. The 'smart' in 'SMART Manufacturing' is a highly connected, knowledge-enabled industrial enterprise where devices and processes are connected, monitored and optimised to enhance productivity, sustainability and economic performance.

  • Security

    We can't have connectivity and intelligence without data security. Cyber security threats are very real and more common than we'd like to believe. All systems are vulnerable, but outdated and obsolete systems are a much easier target. PCs running WindowsXP and Windows7 are at high risk. Additionally, we all need to look at their networking practices to ensure we're protected. We need to ask ourselves if the computing and networking system in our business is up to date?

  • Intelligence

    Once we have connectivity, we can apply intelligence to that data beyond alarming or generating reports. We can put that data through machine learning tools and AI. Crunch it down and come up with feedback into the process to improve the system. Rockwell's FactoryTalk analytics and LogixAI devices are couple of examples of how this is already possible.

  • Flexible automation

    Manufacturers need to be competitive in the modern world, be able to work with different types of products on the same line and quickly change the process.


Let's meet the next gen architecture that will become the foundation of our Modernisation journey

Improve the functional operation of machinery with our innovative, wide-range portfolio of products and solutions. As new technology emerges, we develop and deliver integrated, value-added components and systems that help to maximise production and overall equipment effectiveness.

  • Visualisation hardware

    PanelView 5000 Graphic Terminals

    The Allen-Bradley PanelView 5000 Graphic Terminals offer an intuitive, modern design and provides enhanced Logix integration that uses Studio 5000 View Designer software. This integration allows engineers to enter configuration information once and use it for the entire automation design. It also helps you build modern applications with high-speed HMI buttons for jogging applications, scalable vector graphics, and a pre-configured system banner that provides diagnostic information.

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    VersaView 5400 Industrial Computers

    The Allen-Bradley Bulletin 6200 VersaView 5400 industrial computers feature an open architecture, which provides greater application flexibility. These computers have a quad core Intel Atom E3845 processor and a 128 GB solid-state drive. The units are available with or without integrated display. Display versions have a modern, edgeless glass design with ten-point, capacitive multi-touch screen.

    VersaView 5100 Industrial Monitors

    The Allen-Bradley Bulletin 6200M VersaView 5100 industrial monitors feature a modern, edge-to-edge glass design with a 10-point, capacitive multi-touch screen. These monitors combine with Allen-Bradley industrial computers, non-display computers, and thin clients to help create an efficient computing solution.

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    VersaView 5200 ThinManager Thin Clients

    Our VersaView 5200 Thin Clients exclusively integrate with ThinManager software and are ideal for ThinManager distributed applications. The thin clients are used to display content delivered from a remote ThinManager server. You can have multiple thin clients set up across your plant or facility with various roles with the convenience of having them all maintained by the ThinManager server. All content remains on the server so downtime is reduced in the event of a failure.

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    ztC Edge

    The ztC Edge by Stratus is a zero-touch, reliable, highly automated computing platform specifically designed for industrial edge environments. Purpose-built for operational technology (OT), ztC Edge is easy to set up, configure and manage. With built-in virtualization and availability layer, automated data protection and application recovery, ztC Edge significantly reduces the dependence on IT for virtualized computing at the edge. Its self-protecting and self-monitoring features help reduce unplanned downtime and ensure the continuous availability of business-critical industrial applications.

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    The ftServer by Stratus delivers faster application performance, lowers unplanned downtime, and enhances manageability. Designed specifically for mission critical applications, ftServer is the ideal platform for consolidating your physical server infrastructure and ensuring the availability of your virtualized applications.

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  • Software

    Automation System Design Software

    The Studio 5000® development environment helps you respond quickly to changes in market and business needs and reduces total costs of ownership. New design capabilities can increase automation productivity and reduce costs during a project's lifecycle. Studio 5000 extends beyond one controller to be a system-wide development and design tool.

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    Factory Operation Software

    FactoryTalk® Operation Suite provides the software that brings the data to you as actionable information allowing you to confidently operate and manage production, quality and uptime. The unique combination of tools within FactoryTalk Operation Suite are designed to deliver contextual, role-based information that can be acted on to improve systems or processes.

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    Plant maintenance software

    FactoryTalk® Maintenance Suite gives you the key elements to manage the most prone areas of your operation. Predict issues before they occur on key assets and network devices using software that can also enhance security. Helpful collaborative tools, integrating seamlessly with critical data sources, make it easier for plant personnel to see, use and share the same information while they work together on solutions - whether they are shoulder-to-shoulder peering into a control cabinet or across the plant floor.

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