NHP customer oriented engineered approach in Medium Voltage offering advanced safety features along with long-term reliability and maximised up-time.


  • Substation Solutions

    NHP has been supplying a range of customized prefabricated SMART MV/LV substation solutions up to 22kV and up to 2.5MVA into the Australian and New Zealand markets since 2012.

    NHP MV prefabricated kiosk substations are engineered to suit customer specification and application requirements and can house a variety of HV and LV equipment. NHP MV Kiosks are designed and manufactured locally by our partners as per NHP specifications and have to pass final quality inspection and FAT to a complete satisfaction of our own QA department, as well as our customers.

    Typical configurations of NHP MV Kiosks include:
    • MV/LV Kiosk Substation with:
      • MV modular AIS Switchgear (DF2) or RMU,
      • Cast Resin or Oil Immersed Transformer
      • SMART Cubic LV switchboard with NHP/Terasaki circuit breakers and other LV equipment as required (UPS, HMI, Metering, etc)
    • Air insulated modular MV switchgear (DF2) in outdoor enclosures
    • Cast Resin Transformers in Outdoor Enclosures with or without LV switchboard
    Customer base
    • Australian Defence bases
    • Water and wastewater
    • Australian Correctional facilities
    • Food industry
    • Oil & Gas
    • Mining & quarries
    • Heavy Steel Fabrication industry
    • Cement quarries
    • Major infrastructure and many more.
  • Key Components

    Arc Quenching System - the Arc Killer

    The Arc Killer is a unique worldwide patented, fast acting earthing switch activated by overpressure in the switchgear panel connecting all three phases together and to earth, thus diverting the high energy arcing fault into the low energy metallic short circuit.

    The arcing fault will be then finally cleared by upstream CB as per the protection settings. The internal arcing fault is quenched by the Arc Killer in 48ms only, therefore the switchgear assembly is protected from arcing fault and arc flash damage and can be restored in service often in a matter of hours - not weeks. Downtime and resulting financial loss are greatly reduced. Highest possible protection is provided for the operator.

    The Arc Killer is for the DF2+ series air insulated modular type switchgear and for the DR6+/DT6+ compact gas-insulated RMUs up to 24kV, there it quenches the arcing fault even faster in 25ms.

  • NHP DF-2 & DF-2+ Fixed Air Insulated Switchgear with De-mountable Vacuum CB
    DF2 modular switchgear design accommodates to create rational, economical and custom-made combinations of MV cubicles:

    • 12-24 kV up to 1250A & 25kA for 1s/3s
    • Robust driving mechanisms & interlocks, easy to understand and operate
    • Visible earth switch contacts for extra safety
    • Remote Isolation and Remote Earthing options
    • 50 years design service life, specially tested for harsh environments
    • The super-swift Arc Killer arc quenching system in DF-2+ ensures highest level of personnel safety (IAC BFLR) and protects switchgear from arc fault damage
    • Highly reliable European product with more than 70,000 panels installed worldwide over the last 20 years. 
    • NHP also offers Ring Main Units and Withdrawable primary switchgear up to 2500A.
  • NHP Cast Resin Transformers
    NHP Cast Resin Transformers suit a wide variety of applications in construction, mining, and utilities:

    • 50 kVA to 20 MVA, up to 52kV
    • Vacuum Cast Coil technology proven over 30 years
    • Clean with reduced maintenance & minimum fire risk - class F1
    • Type tested to AS60076.11, comply with MEPS AS2374.1.2
    • Partial discharge level > 5pC, increasing service life by 3-5 years
    • Can be customised to suit client's requirements
    • E3 Environmental Class makes them perfect for heavy polluted environments with over 95% humidity & total condensation
    • Can be supplied in outdoor enclosures up to IP44
    • NHP also offers a range of Oil Immersed Transformers for Power Distribution applications
  • Agile Protection Relays

    MiCOM P40 Agile protection relays provide an integrated solution for the complete protection, control and monitoring of electrical power systems, ideal for new-build and retrofit alike. P14N,P14D & P94 feeder management relays offer the following advantages:

    • Powerful logic, protection and communications
    • Cost effective IEC 61850 ED2and DNP3 redundant Ethernet
    • NERC compliant cyber security
    • Fully withdrawable case
    • Intuitive HMI with USB front port for PC connection
    • Opto inputs compliant with ESI 48-4 EB2 standard
    • Maximum synergy with MiCOM Px40 modular range
    • Harsh environment coating as a standard
    • Easy retrofit solutions for legacy relays including fast plug-in replacement of K-type and CDG relays
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