Maximise power availability with no break maintenance bypass

Socomec's Automatic Transfer Switch with Bypass is an open transition design and is often used as a complementary technology in applications that utilise a 'closed transition' ATS topology (such as NHP's SMART Switchboard). It is also ideal for retrofit applications as it is delivered fully assembled in an enclosure allowing for quick deployment and installation next to an existing switchboard. The integrated bypass switch allows for the full isolation of the enclosed ATS unit, facilitating safe inspection, servicing and testing during maintenance periods. When isolating the enclosed ATS unit by switching into Bypass mode, no power loss occurs to the load (no break Bypass).

See how Socomec bypass keeps your system ALWAYS ON


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  • Data centers
  • Healthcare
  • High-rise buildings
  • Banking and insurance
  • Utility
  • Airport
Key characteristics

Experience the difference of a data driven solution.

  • Available from 40 to 3200A 4Pole
  • Independently test verified to IEC61439-2 for guaranteed performance
  • All the functional units are operable individually to ensure full redundancy
  • Manual transfer to Bypass position without breaking the load (no blackout)
  • Isolation between the automatic transfer switch sources and load.
  • Removable ATyS from 160 A
  • Front display for easy access to configuration and measurement of the transfer switch.
  • Mimic panel (3 LEDs for live voltage on source 1, source 2, and load; optional 16-LED mimic panel).
  • Built-in protection against direct contact from each functional unit.
  • IP41 as standard and other IP codes on request.

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