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NHP Recognised Stockist Program

NHP’s Recognised Stockist program is a collaboration between NHP and our electrical wholesale partner branches. These stockist branches contain service ready levels of important NHP products required to serve the electrical contractor market.

By familiarising yourself with your local network of stockist branches, you will be sure to find not only stock of the products that you require, but also friendly and dedicated staff ready to support all your electrical needs.

NHP Recognised Stockist branches stock a vast range of the products below

Concept Panelboards

The NHP Concept range of panelboards offers a user-friendly distribution system. The range is design verified to the latest switchboard standards AS/NZS 61439.3 and is made up of:

Concept One - the Essential Panelboard IP40
Concept Plus - the Multipurpose Panelboard IP42 (IP52)
Concept Premier - the Premium Panelboard IP66; and
Concept Tough - the Heavy-Duty Panelboard IP66.

This extensive, flexible range is easy to use and is compliant to the latest standards 61439.

Din-T Circuit Protection

The NHP DIN-T circuit protection range offers MCBs in 6kA, 10kA and 15kA along with RCBOs in 6kA or 10A up to 40A. The range offers RCD solutions in Type AC, A, F and B from 10mA through to 300mA. The DIN-T series is purpose designed for commercial, industrial and mining installations and suits installation within DIN-T loadcentres and Concept Plus, Premier and Tough Panelboards.

Complete range of circuit protection that is safe, secure, compact and dependable.


The NHP MOD6 range of circuit breakers consists of AS/NZS 60898 tested and approved MCBs with 6kA short circuit rating and current rating range of 6 to 63A in 1, 2 and 3 pole. The MOD6 series are purpose designed for domestic and commercial installations and suit installation within MOD6 loadcentres and Concept One panelboards.

NLINE Switches, Isolators and GPOs

The NLINE switching range is a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on quality or durability. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, you’ll find the right switching option for your application with NLINE’s range of switches and GPOs.

Plastic Enclosures

NLINE insulated ABS plastic terminal boxes are a high quality product to suit economical solutions. IP65/IK07 NLINE insulated plastic enclosures are available with the option of grey or transparent covers. 

Metal Enclosures

The NLINE metal enclosures stock pack offers a mixture of products from the NLINE NLS Mild Steel enclosure range and also from the nVent Hoffman Stainless Steel Enclosure range. 

Stanilite emergency lighting

Stanilite offers a comprehensive portfolio of emergency lighting products to suit individual budget and project requirements. No matter how large or small the installation is, you can buy with the peace of mind of knowing that each product is designed using the most innovative and cutting edge technology, delivered to you at a competitive price. Stanilite products are designed and manufactured under the ISO9001 Quality Management System, ensuring reduced failure rates and higher quality finished products for the Australian market.

Sprecher + Schuh Motor Control

Sprecher + Schuh  offers a wide range of low-voltage industrial control products, including contactors, overloads, starters and more. The products are crafted with precision and tested rigorously for performance — far exceeding industry standards. Sprecher + Schuh is the industrial control manufacturer of choice if you seek quality, reliability and a name you can trust. 

Sprecher + Schuh Operator Control

The Sprecher + Schuh D7 range includes a diverse selection of 22.5mm operator control devices including pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches, multi-function operators and more. The range has an aesthetically pleasing design, allows for quick and easy installation and is modular. The operators come in both plastic and metal types and a host of accessories complement the range including enclosures to build control stations, LED lamp modules, legend plates, locking covers, sealing caps and much more!

Terminals - Sprecher + Schuh

The V7 range of screw type terminals has been designed with ease of wiring in mind, providing safe and reliable connections which are durable in application. Select wire sizes from 0.5 - 70mm2 and from different types of terminals including feed-through (single and multi-level), fuse, disconnect, earth, proximity, plug-in and high current terminals. Options available in different housing colours and number of connections.

Relays and Timers

The relays stock pack offers a range of electromechanical relays from the Finder brand including different types such as interface, PCB, panel, step relays and modular contactors. Available in a range of control voltage options, output contact variants and base options. 

Terminals - Allen-Bradley

The Allen-Bradley range of 1492-P terminal blocks make use of an innovative “push-in” connection technology feature, which makes wiring simpler, quicker and more efficient while maintaining safe connections. The 1492-P series has wire sizes from 1.5 - 16mm2 and includes a diverse range of terminal types including feed-through (single and multi-level), disconnect, earth, sensor, fuse types and more. Options available in different housing colours and numbers of connections.


The Industrial Strength Options (ISO) range of IP66 rated plugs, socket outlets, switches, extension sockets, appliance inlets, RCD protected outlets and accessories are suitable for industrial, commercial and domestic single- and three-phase applications, from 10 to 50A; 3, 4 and 5 pin configurations.


NHP offers a range of signalling devices to suit all industrial environments requiring sight and sound. From basic low-profile beacons, to large stainless steel hazardous rated beacon sounders, we can support all applications.

Socomec Switching

2 million reasons to avoid a fatal electrical accident by equipping your plants with enclosed isolators from Socomec.

✔ Safe
✔ Reliable
✔ Extensive range (25-250A)
✔ Easy installation
✔ IP65

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