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Miniature circuit protection

NHP's miniature circuit protection product portfolio is a comprehensive one, starting with MOD6 - which offers essential features - through to the fully featured, extensive DIN-T range. The product selector below will help you choose the right model of miniature circuit protection.

Product Selector


Stanilite offers a comprehensive portfolio of products to suit individual budget and project requirements. The product selector below will help you choose the right model of Emergency or Exit lighting for your application.

Product Selector

TemBreak PRO

TemBreak PRO is a range of high performance Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCBs) designed to protect the electrical systems of today and connect to the information systems of tomorrow.

The Product Selector below will help you choose the right TemBreak PRO model for your organisation. The TemBreak PRO part number structure is made up of eight components that clearly define the specification for ease of ordering, which is also explained below.

Part number structure             Product Selector

NHP Concept Panelboards

NHP is proud to release the highly anticipated range of Concept Panelboards, offering a model to suit just about all applications, from standard configuration to a unique design. The product selector will help you choose the right NHP Concept Panelboard for your organisation.

Product Selector

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