Introducing Concept Express - super fast turnaround of panelboards

Need a quality panelboard FAST? NHP’s Concept Express turns panelboards around in a week!* 

What options are available?

■ Concept One (IP40) – light grey

■ Concept Plus (IP42) – grey or orange (including single or dual metering and extra row DIN rail models)

■ Concept Premier (IP66) – grey or orange

Additional options are available upon request through NHP’s standard ordering/enquiry process.

Circuit protection

■ MOD6 6kA C-curve (for Concept One only)

■ DinT 6kA or 10kA C-curve

Optional value adds

■ Main switch options 160A/250A Concept isolator or 63A – 200A MCCB

■ Surge diverter

■ Emergency lighting test kit (push button or key switch)

■ Security/external lighting kits

■ Different door handle locking options

■ Different options for gland plates (steel, aluminum, brass, bakelite)

Electrical contractors can order via your local electrical wholesaler. Wholesalers, please call your local NHP Account Representative.

Australia  1300 647 647


*Subject to parts availability. The typical turnaround for a panelboard is one week.

Concept Express manufacturing 
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