NHP’s visual and audible signalling product range

Visual signalling products


A visual guiding or warning light signal, set up in an elevated position

Beacon sounders

A visual guiding or warning signal light and additional piezo buzzer set up in an elevated position 

Beacons Stack lights

A series of colour-coded indicator segments arranged in a stacked orientation

Panel mount signalling lamps

A signalling device installed on a cabinet to provide visual and audible feedback

Traffic lights

A set of red, amber and green lights that control the movement of vehicles or people

Hazard area beacons

A visual guiding or warning light signal, set up in an elevated position rated for Zones 1,2,21,22 Hazardous Environments


Audible signalling products

Bells and buzzers

Bells are hollow instruments that makes a ringing sound when struck, while buzzers are an electrical device that makes a buzzing sound as a signal

Electronic sounders

A device that outputs an alarming loud, high pitched sound to notify in case of a hazard

Electronic sounder beacons

A sounder with a strong light that is easily visible and used for guiding purposes

Motor driven sirens

A device that produces a loud, high-pitched prolonged warning sound

Hazardous area

A visual guiding or warning sound, set up in an elevated position rated for Zones 1,2,21,22 Hazardous Environments


Resources and downloads

For further information on Signalling products, please download the link below or contact your local NHP representative on 1300 NHP NHP.



Moflash Signalling Ltd

Moflash Signalling Ltd. was formed in 1958 as part of the Silvaflame group. In the early years, the company was predominantly involved in the manufacture of traffic safety beacons, however, they soon expanded their product range to include industrial beacons and led the way by becoming the first UK company to produce an AC rotating beacon.

Moflash was purchased by the Kentermark Group in October 1997 and moved to Birmingham. It now boasts one of the largest visual signalling ranges available in the marketplace, offering Xenon, Rotating, Flashing Filament, Static Filament, LED and EXD Beacons. It continues to develop new products to meet the demands of a constantly evolving safety market.

Klaxon Signals

Klaxon Signals, located in the United Kingdom, have manufactured sound signalling and air movement equipment for over 80 years. What was once a number of small traditional businesses is now part of a fast-growing multi-national group, selling to an established market both in the UK and worldwide.

Working to ISO 9001, Klaxon’s manufacturing team has the latest production, testing and demonstration facilities, to ensure the highest possible standards of manufacture and product quality. Their continued product development programme gives customers the most up to date products available.


Visual devices include panel mount Xenon strobes, mini square beacons, panel-mount with selectable steady or flashing light indicators, wall-mount signal lights, panel light bars, industrial round beacons, tower lights, stack lights and panel-mount dual circuit alarms.

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