NHP Medium Voltage Solutions

NHP’s MV products and solutions include a range of switchgear, manufactured in Belgium by Switchgear Company (or SGC), while our transformers are manufactured in Italy by Trafo Elettro and our customised kiosk solutions are manufactured in Australia by NHP.

Coupled with a local, experienced, customer centric team of MV experts, NHP excels at providing project solutions that focus on:

Safety for people

Reliability of product

Availability of power

Compliance to standards

Customisation of solution to meet customer needs

Arc Quenching System - Arc Killer

The Arc killer is a unique worldwide patented, fast acting earthing switch activated by overpressure in the switchgear panel connecting all three phases together and to earth, thus diverting the high energy arcing fault into the low energy metallic short circuit.

Key Facts:
· Internal arcing fault quenched in only 48ms for the DF2+ switchgear.

· Internal arcing fault quenched in only 25ms for the DR6+/DT6+ switchgear.

· Downtime in the event of an arc fault is reduced to hours – not weeks.

The Arc-Killer

Switchgear Test Videos

DR6 – IAC 20kA/1s A-FL no Arc Killer
DR6 – IAC 20kA/1s B-FLR with Arc Killer
Arc Fault Test – DF2+ with Arc Killer

Product range

  • Switchgear
  • Transformers
  • Customised Solutions
  • Motor Control Solutions
DF-2 and DF-2+ (with Arc-Killer) series of Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS)

The DF-2’s modular design allows you to create simple and custom-made combinations of medium-voltage cubicles with a rated voltage of up to 24kV. DF-2+ is a special DF-2 model that features Arc-Killer technology.

  • Suits both primary and secondary switchgear applications
  • Max. service voltage is 24kV with a maximum current of 1250A
  • Rated short time current of 25kA for 3 seconds
  • Demountable VCB design for fast replacement
  • 50 year design life meeting the Australian Defence specification MIEE
  • DF-2+ internal arc classification is B-FLR 20kA,1s for ultimate safety
  • Visual earth switch

DR-6 and DR-6+ (with Arc-Killer) series of Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) Ring Main Units (RMUs)

The DR/DT-6 ring main unit provides a Network Switching function by load break/earth switch and protection functions by a Fuse-Switch or a dedicated Vacuum circuit breaker in applications with rated voltage up to 24kV.

DR-6+ is a special DR-6 model that features Arc- killer technology.

  • Max. service voltage is 24kV with a maximum current of 630A
  • Rated short time current of 20kA for 1 second
  • Three position load break switch
  • 30 year design life
  • Compact or Extensible concep
  • DR-6+ with built-in Arc-Killer has an internal arc classification of B-FLR 20kA, 1s for ultimate safety No emission of SF6 in case of internal arc due to the patented Arc-killer technology
Cast resin transformer

50kVA - 6MVA with voltages up to 36kV

Due to the flame-resistant and self-extinguishing materials used, they are perfect for indoor and special applications like rail, hospitals, data centres, high rise buildings and highly ecological environments.

They are type tested to AS60076 and comply with MEPS AS2374.1.2, ensuring minimum energy losses.

Oil immersed transformer

50kVA - 7MVA with voltages up to 36kV

The traditional oil transformers are available with oil conservator or hermetically sealed type with integral fins.

The insulating oil is mineral type PCB free, preventively treated and dried and filled under vacuum. Alternative oil options are available upon request.

Kiosk Substations

DFX series of MV/LV kiosks

200kVA - 2.5MVA, with voltages up to 36kV

The DFX series of prefabricated kiosk substations are engineered to suit customer specification and application requirements and can house a variety of HV and LV equipment. DFX kiosks are available in a variety of configurations, can be provided with oil immersed or cast resin transformers (11 and 22kV) and suit power requirements from 200kVA up to 2500kVA. Full switchroom solutions can also be provided upon request.

Enclosed switchgear & transformer solutions

MV enclosed switchgear

1250A, with voltages up to 24kV

The DF-2 switchgear can be provided already installed into an outdoor rated enclosure, providing a more economical solution when compared to a full switchroom or sub station building). NHP has provided a large number of customised enclosed switchgear solutions into many industries, typically in harsh environments. As these designs tend to always be customer specific, please contact NHP for more information.

MV enclosed transformers

50kVA - 6MVA, with voltages up to 36kV

The NHP cast resin and oil immersed transformers can be provided already installed into an outdoor rated enclosure, providing a very economical, yet robust solution. As these designs tend to always be customer specific, please contact NHP for more information.

All-purpose Drives

PowerFlex 6000T medium voltage drives are particularly well suited for all-purpose, nonregenerative applications such as fans, pumps, mills, conveyors and compressors. They are an ideal solution for motor control applications from 100...11,000 kW (200...15,000 Hp) and for motors rated from 2.3...11 kV.

Special Purpose Drives

The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 7000 family of medium voltage AC drives deliver flexibility and high-power performance in a single solution for motor control applications from 150…6300 kW (200...8500 Hp), rated from 2.4 kV to 6.6 kV.

MV solutions for Defence applications 

Local Stock, Local Manufacturing

NHP have invested in stocking MV switchgear panels at our Laverton facility as it provides us great flexibility in terms of customization options and helps us to work with our customer closely to meet their requirements.

Fast delivery time

Local stock customization with relays, CT's and other accessories

Wiring done at NHP facility as per approved drawings

Feeder Panel, CB panel and metering panel stocked

Minimise risk with secure delivery

Local technical support and service

  • Capabilities
  • Competitive discriminators
  • Key projects
  • Associations and memberships
  • We are specialists in power distribution solutions, with expertise in automation and energy management. We have custom solution expertise and have a proven safety and reliability track record.
  • LV panelboard supplier with MCCBs, RCDs etc, which have been part of multiple defence infrastructure upgrades.
  • Custom MV kiosk manufacturer, with an existing install base at Defence sites.
  • Hazardous areas and electrical area installations.
  • Remediation of non-compliant sites to comply with WHS legislation.
  • Local service and support nationally, with extensive outreach in both metropolitan and regional areas.
  • Equipment with a 50-year design life, meeting the Australian Defence Standard Manual of Infrastructure Engineering –Electrical (MIEE).
  • Local stockholding and local manufacturing of MV switchgear - feeder panel, metering panel and CB panel stocked at our National Distribution Centre in Melbourne. 
  • ‘Arc-Killer’ arc quenching system installed in our MV switchgear 
  • High reliability of our equipment in various conditions
  • Compliance to ANZ, IEC, and IEEE standards  
  • Technical training and engineering support provided throughout the project delivery phase 
  • HMAS Watson
  • RAAF Richmond
  • Defence Establishment Orchard Hills
  • RAAF Edinburgh
  • HMAS Creswell
  • Holsworthy Barracks
  • RAAF Glenbroo
  • Dedicated sales team who maintains a close working relationship with major defence engineering consultants.
  • MV project management and engineering team to help with all queries right from quotation to commissioning stage and beyond.
  • Partnership with NECA (National Electrical and Communications Association)  

Resources and downloads

For further information on NHP’s extensive range of Medium Voltage products, please download the product brochure below.

NHP Case study

MV Solutions for Monash Medical Centre

Technical webinars

For more videos, subscribe to NHP’s YouTube channel

NHP YouTube Channel

Webinar Series: Talking Medium Voltage
Session one: Dry vs Oil Transformers

NHP Webinar Series
NHP Webinar Series - Talking Medium Voltage session 1 Q&A

Webinar Series: Talking Medium Voltage
Session two: Transformer Power Outputs and Enclosure Design
Webinar Series: Talking Medium Voltage

Session three: Designing for performance, arduous environments and safety


Trafo Elettro

NHP has selected Trafo Elettro as our preferred supplier of transformers. Since 1969, Trafo Elettro has been a tried and proven manufacturer of quality cast resin transformers, which are ideal for medium voltage applications.

Trafo Elettro invests every day to improve customer service, product quality and invests in research and development to reduce environmental impacts.

Trafo Elettro can provide custom made transformers to meet a customer’s specifications.



SGC is an independent manufacturer of medium voltage switchgear solutions worldwide, having more than 40 years’ experience in the development and production of medium voltage cubicles from 3kV to 36kV.

SGC produce and develop premium switchgear with exceptional quality which is durable and surpasses the existing global standards and product lifespans. Innovation, usability, safety and environmental care are always the driving forces behind SGC’s product developments.



Allen-Bradley has more than 30 years’ experience in delivering medium voltage drives to the most demanding industries.

Allen-Bradley medium voltage drives offer inbuilt EtherNet/IP communication and support along with other commonly used communication protocols. Flexible connectivity and control system compatibility helps to deliver seamless control system integration.

Contact us

Please call your local NHP Account Representative or email us:

Australia               1300 NHP NHP       projectsandservice@nhp.com.au

New Zealand        0800 NHP NHP       projectsandservice@nhp.com.au

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