Measure and control energy with the new TemBreak PRO range

TemBreak PRO is a range of high performance Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCBs) designed to protect the electrical systems of today and connect to the information systems of tomorrow

  • Very broad range of MCCBs which have frame sizes from 160A up to 3200A
  • A mixed blend of trip unit technologies including Thermal Magnetic (TM), Basic Electronic (BE) and “SMART” digitally connected metering types
  • Breaking capacities (Icu) from 25kA – 200kA
  • Face plate labels are colour coded to trip unit technology types
  • Suits 400-690VAC installation

Not sure where to start?

Product selector tool

The Product Selector below will help you choose the right TemBreak PRO model for your organisation. The TemBreak PRO part number structure is made up of eight components that clearly define the specification for ease of ordering, which is also explained below.

TemBreak PRO range product highlights

TemBreak PRO can power and protect the electrical systems of today, and connect to the information systems of tomorrow.


Basic Power Requirements

Small light and Power Main Distribution Boards (MDBs) – cost and space saving options with the thermal magnetic A160 / A250 models

Complex Power Reticulation

Large Main Distribution Boards (MDBs) - Achieve AS3000 Safety Services and Selectivity requirements while optimising cable sizes with the highly flexible, yet simple to use basic electronic trip unit.

Motor Control Centres

Deliver maximum power at ambient temperatures up to 50°C so there is no need to oversize your MCCB design, reducing overall cost.

Arduous Environments

Super small P160 frame size is available with Thermal Magnetic, Basic Electronic or SMART Electronic trip units optimizing physical size and Type 2 co-ordination.

Resources and downloads

Technical Catalogue

For further information on the extended range of TemBreak PRO products, please download the technical catalogue below or contact your local NHP representative on 1300 NHP NHP.

TemBreak PRO technical downloads

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