CUBIC Outdoor Systems

The CUBIC Outdoor Modular System provides the opportunity to move the well-known CUBIC Modular System to outdoor environments.

The numerous possibilities for construction of tested and verified panels and the freedom to independently choose electrical components known from the Modular System is kept in the Outdoor Modular System.

Adding side covers and protection sealing effectively protects against weather conditions, corrosion, impact damage, and ingress of foreign elements makes the Outdoor Modular System the optimal enclosure solution for outdoor environments.

The white RAL9010 color used for the Outdoor Modular System provides optimal reflection of sunlight - ideal for environments with high UV radiation. The white color also segregates outdoor parts from the grey indoor parts of the Modular System.

Tested for outdoor environments

The Outdoor Modular System has been extensively tested in simulated extreme weather conditions to provide easy design verification and ensure maximum durability in outdoor environments.

To simulate extreme exposure of sunlight, the Outdoor Modular System has been tested under UV radiation according to IEC 61439-2:2020. The test included external exposure of 14.000 W of infrared light performed at present temperature rise curves of 100 - 1000 W enabling easy verification of resistance to UV radiation and temperature rise limits.

To test durability in extreme rainfall, the Outdoor Modular System has been submitted to ingress protection testing. Tested with a pressure of 100 liters of water per minute, the Outdoor Modular System provides ingress protection up to IP56 and great durability in wet environments. The test enables easy verification of degree of protection according to IEC 61439-2:2020.

In addition to the extensive test program performed on the well-known indoor CUBIC Modular System, the above-described testing leaves a minimum of verification to be done by the assembler when using the CUBIC Outdoor Modular System.

Advantages of using the CUBIC outdoor modular system

Extremely durable in outdoor environments

Roof and side covers protecting approximately 95% from sun

Ingress protection of IP 56

Toe-out plinth enabling easy outside mounting

Corrosion protected surface

White RAL9010 color providing optimal reflection of sunlight

Freedom to choose electrical components and switchgear from the component manufacturer you prefer

Thorough documentation – Design software, technical assembly instruction, projecting manual, software for temperature rise calculation etc.

Fast flat-pack delivery

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