Price List Catalogue 2020/21 PDF

Effective 1 September 2020

Here are some highlights from the 2020/21 Catalogue:

  • All of our latest products and prices
  • Updated selection tools and guides so selecting products is easier
  • New 3P+N MOD6 RCBO DIN Mount version and Chassis Mount versions
  • New Type B Earth Leakage Relays
  • New INOSYS Load Break Switches for DC Applications
  • New Motor Protection Circuit Breakers
  • New Tongue Lock and Guard Lock comparison charts
  • Updated Stack Light Selection chart including easy to follow part selection tables

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Key updates in the 2020/21 Price List Catalogue

Product Area Details Page
Arc Fault Detection NEW Arc Fault detection device AFDD- M6RCBDAFDD 16
Automation Updated the ProSoft, Win911 and Aparian product offerings Section 8
Beacons NEW Moflash series of economy beacons including Audible options 929

NEW Moflash Moled195 Series of LED Beacons 930

Assembled Traffic Lights in double and triple assembly 933
Compact PLC Systems NEW 5380 SIL3 controllers, updated the technical data to improve selection process 526

NEW 5480 Controllers 529
Contactors Updated Sprecher+Schuh Contactor Ratings Chart 299

Updated notes about adapter plate kits for CA9 Contactors 306
DC Isolators Newly released DC load break switches comply with AS 60947.3:2018 195
Earth Leakage Relays NEW Type B Earth Leakage Relays 173
Encoders NEW CIP Safety Encoders 462
Flex5000 I/O Updated images and product offering for the FLEX5000 I/O Range 539
Float Switches Wiring examples included to assist selection 457
Hazardous Area Enclosures A complete makeover including easier selection of components that NHP will be continuing to transact now the HAE workshop has been closed Section 15
Limit Switches Simplified Limit Switch selection through the Allen Bradley 440P Safety range in either 15mm plastic, 22mm plastic, 22mm metal with cable or 30mm Metal 442
Limit Switches - Steute Updated as an affordable offering 444
Load Break Switches NEW INOSYS Load Break Switches for DC Applications 195
Mechanical Interlocks NEW Tongue Lock comparison chart 474

NEW Guard Lock comparison chart 477

Accessories (cables/actuators) for each individual item listed in the product description area to make product selection easier 478

NEW 440G-EZ Electromagnetic Interlocking switch 478

NEW 440G-MZ Guardlock 477
Motor Protection Circuit Breakers NEW Sprecher+Schuh KT5 Motor Protection Circuit Breakers 356
Panelboards NEW 400 A Concept Premier Panelboards 119

NEW 3P+N MOD6 RCBO chassis mount- M6RCBM 16
RCDs Updated RCD selection chart 11, 29
RCD Accessories NEW Rear connect terminal ideal for meter panel or tight enclosures - DTT9025PN 18
Rockwell Automation E‑Commerce Portal NEW Software Product lines and items to assist the transition to the Rockwell Automation E-Commerce Portal

- NEW Innovation Suite Products 632

- Updated the Process Control section Section 9

- Updated ThinManager pages to reflect the new licensing scheme 617
Single Function Safety Relays NEW MSR55P Speed Monitoring Relay 468
Stack Lights Updated Allen Bradley 856T Stack Light Selection chart including easy to follow part selection tables 942
Terminal Boxes - Fibox Thermoplastic Popular lines have had additional sizes added, less popular sizes and families have been removed for easier selection 859
Terminal Boxes - N-Line NLP Additional large size added 857
Wall and Floor Mount Enclosures - Eldon Additional accessories,NEW nVent-branded handles 882
Wall Mount Enclosures Eldon VicRoads-Approved ITS cabinets now listed 908
Wall Mount Enclosures - ARCA Additional landscape sizes and accessories have been added along with their accessories 875
Wall Mount Stainless Steel Hygienic Design Enclosures Two additional sizes added 894
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