Edge Computing and its benefits

Edge computing allows data produced by internet of things (IoT) devices to be processed closer to where it is created instead of sending it across long routes to data centres or clouds. Doing this computing closer to the edge of the network lets organizations analyse important data in near real-time - a need of organizations across many industries, including manufacturing, health care, telecommunications and finance. In automation with the rapid increase of data from internet-enabled plant machinery, edge processing enables quick and accurate decisions without the delay of the latency and bandwidth of cloud connections.

The future of edge computing is here with the Stratus ztC Edge

Learn how Stratus can help you ensure availability at the edge with the first fully virtualised and self-monitoring edge server that is rugged enough for environment.

Availability and virtualisation built in

Self-protecting and monitored by Stratus

Installed in under 30 minutes

Not IT or data room

ztC Edge Features

These key features help companies increase operator efficiency, reduce IT burden, and minimize downtime risk

Automated site recovery

ztC Edge's built-in multi-site application recovery capabilities give users greater flexibility, allowing them to ensure business continuity, and protect valuable enterprise data quickly and easily, accelerating time to value and minimizing downtime risk.

Rugged hot-swappable nodes

ztC Edge's compact, rugged design means that it can be used in a wide variety of locations and industrial settings, giving users greater flexibility. Its hot-swappable design makes it possible for plant operators and technicians, rather than specially trained IT admins, to repair ztC Edge when necessary

Cloud-based system health monitoring and management services

Stratus's cloud-based system health monitoring and management services ensures that applications on users' ztC Edge systems are always running, with minimal user effort.

Key benefits

Ideal for running business-critical industrial applications quickly and reliably in remote, locations with limited or no IT resources, ztC Edge users benefit from:

Increased operational efficiency

Through pre-installed virtualization software, and intuitive, user-friendly configuration and management tools, ztC Edge simplifies the process, and shortens the time it takes to get critical applications up and running, saving users time and effort. It can manage up to three virtual machines, each running different industrial or IIoT applications.

Edge deployment

ztC Edge's rugged form factor gives it the flexibility it to be deployed "at the edge" or outside of traditional data rooms or data centres (it is DIN rail-mountable), such as on manufacturing plant floors. Additionally, ztC Edge can be deployed in under 30 minutes, offering users superior time to value.

Automated application and data protection

ztC Edge's self-monitoring and self-protecting capabilities make it ideal for unmanned stations, or remote locations with limited resources. Because it takes care of itself, companies don't have to take care of it, saving them time and effort.

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Stratus ztC Edge Comparison

The Edge is not a computing environment where clean rooms and IT help are abundantly available. While many companies are looking for ways to modernize automation and expand operations, most of the solutions that get considered such as desktops and standalone servers and Industrial PCs don't offer the complete list of benefits required for today's Edge deployments. Stratus ztC Edge is the only purpose-built Edge solution enabling simple and always available virtualisation for critical operations.

ztC Edge is the perfect solution for all your edge computing needs

ztC Edge 110i


Intel i7-8700T, 2.4 GHz, 12 MB cache, 6 HT cores


64 GB DDR4 2400




2 x 10 GbE (for a-links); 6 x 1 GbE (for plant networks)

Operating Temperature

-20 to 55 °C (–4 to 131 °F)


10 - 95% (non-condensing)

Shock and vibration

50G, 11 ms; 3 Grms @ 5 - 500 Hz

Input power2

24V ± 5% (DC)


280 x 210 x 87 mm; (11.02 x 8.26 x 3.42 in)


6.1 kgs / 12.2 kgs; (13.5 lbs / 27.0 lbs)

Host OS support

Stratus Redundant Linux 2.0

Guest OS support

Windows and Linux

Availability support

Fault tolerance and high availability

Service options

For a premium Stratus experience, a support contract is recommended with the purchase of every Stratus hardware. Stratus offers two service options to simplify the monitoring and management of your ztC Edge system - System Support and System Health:

System Support

  • Problem root cause determination
  • 3-day parts exchange
  • 24/7/365 support via web or phone (for critical issues)
  • 30-minute critical response SLA
  • Access to service history, patches, and
  • Knowledgebase through self-service portal

System Health

  • Everything in System Support
  • Predictive failure analysis
  • Alert triage
  • System log review
  • 24/7/365 system health monitoring
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