Transform your data into value with FactoryTalk DataMosaix

We are excited to introduce FactoryTalk DataMosaix, part of Rockwell Automation’s comprehensive and rapidly growing SaaS portfolio.

You have data: Now what?

Having access to your data is the beginning. Putting it to work for you is the next step and FactoryTalk DataMosaix ensures that your data is:

• Available - standard connectivity to IT/OT and engineering technology data from industrial data sources at scale. Improve organisational productivity with all relevant data already in one place
• Meaningful - AI-supported and scalable contextualisation of data across data sources, allowing for data to be interpreted and understood in the relevant business context
• Useful - easy to search single source of information with full traceability for unparalleled self-service data discovery, orchestration and solution development
• Valuable - real-time visualisation and advanced analytics applications deployed at scale that drive optimal decision-making and autonomous closed-loop actions.

Benefits of SaaS include:

• Lower total cost of ownership - no need for a large team to manage custom digital infrastructure
• Faster time to value - leverage the skill sets your workforce already have
• More predictable costs - no unplanned capacity expansions or cost overruns
• Greater agility - scale as needed and adopt new capabilities faster
• Optimised system performance - purpose built for large quantities of time-series data
• Maintain ownership of your data.

For more information, please call your local NHP Account Representative to discuss further, or email us:

Australia 1300 647 647
New Zealand 0800 647 647

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