Think inside the box to prevent enclosure condensation

With the wiring rules now mandatory in Australia (late 2019 in New Zealand), condensation issues in enclosures must now be managed using climate control devices with appropriate Ingress Protection (IP) ratings.

Climate control devices such as ventilation fans, heat exchangers, heaters and air conditioning units alone may not be sufficient to protect equipment from potential moisture damage as rapid ambient temperature and humidity changes can cause condensation to form inside otherwise sealed electrical enclosures.

The fitting of pressure compensation devices (PCD) to prevent moisture build up and a drainage device (DD) to expel any water/moisture build up is now mandated by AS300:2019 clause 1.7.2 in all enclosures where condensation is likely to occur, which is effectively all outdoor enclosures.

Pressure compensation devices are installed near the top of an electrical or industrial enclosure and utilise a semi-permeable membrane to allow air or moisture droplets to exit and only dry air in, equalizing the pressure inside and outside the enclosure to ensure condensation and moisture build up is avoided.

Drainage devices use a semi permeable membrane to allow any accumulated condensation to flow out of an enclosure without allow any moisture back in. These devices should be installed vertically at the lower point of the enclosure.

NHP’s range of Stego pressure compensation and drainage devices are an inexpensive and easy-to-install solution for preventing condensation and moisture build-up in electrical enclosures while remaining compliant with the wiring rules.

NHP’s Stego pressure compensation devices are available in plastic and stainless in M12 and M40 sizes and provide Ingress Protection options of IP55 or IP66/X9K. The drainage device is plastic in M50 size with an IP66/67/69K rating.

For an easy solution to the pressure of keeping condensation out of your enclosures, speak with your NHP representative or call 1300 NHP NHP.

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