Switching in EMC environments with NHP

We all understand that using screened output cables on VSD applications is best practice for eliminating potential electromagnetic disturbances (EMC). What is not so well understood is how to retain the advantages of continuous cable screening while using a motor isolator. Using a standard motor isolator risks breaking the continuity of the EMC screen.

An effective EMC Isolator can provide a solution to this and is very similar to a standard motor isolator. However, there are some key differences. These include a coppercoated enclosure lining, a pre-installed earth terminal and the addition of EMC glands. These differences maintain a continuous Faraday cage from the VSD output to the motor terminals as well as earth connection.

With this in mind, NHP has released the Katko EMC Isolator which is purpose-built to provide continuous cable screening in a simple and effective manner for VSD and HVAC applications.

Combining an IP65 / IP66 rating with a choice of polycarbonate, aluminium and stainless steel, this EMC Isolator ensures consistent operation of industrial equipment, making it ideal for use where maintaining EMC compliance throughout the installation is vital – particularly applications with motors controlled by VSDs.

For added application flexibility, the compact unit has been specially designed to occupy less space, ensuring easy installation and operation with a choice of larger enclosures for increased wiring space.

Complete with internally copper-coated polycarbonate or aluminium up to 160A (AC21) and door interlock with defeat mechanism when switch is in ON position, the EMC isolator is also padlockable in OFF position with up to 3 padlocks.

Locally tested to comply with EN55011, the Katko EMC Isolator from NHP also ensures safe operation in environments with electromagnetic disturbances, so you can ensure a high level of safety without compromise.


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