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When Terasaki designed the TemPower 2 Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) every innovation was created with the end user in mind. With over 15 years of sales history into the Australian and New Zealand market, the Terasaki TemPower 2 ACB has stood the test of time and is well known by industry for its strong, robust design and its market leading mechanical and electrical endurance performance.

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TemPower 2 is the world’s first Double Break ACB, having two breaking contacts per phase. This unique pole structure eliminates the well-known problematic main contact flexible leads found in many conventional ACB designs. Below are the top 5 reasons why the Terasaki TemPower 2 ACB is the right choice for every end user who needs dependable, reliable switchgear to secure their power availability.

  1. Exceptionally strong closing force which allows the contacts to remain shut during a short circuit as required to maximise ‘selectivity’ allowing downstream circuit breakers to open. This minimises the extent of power downtime that an end user may experience after an electrical fault occurs. To put it more technically, the short time withstand rating (Icw 1 second) is equal to the service short circuit breaking capacity (Ics) for all models ensuring short circuit selectivity.
  2. The TemPower 2 clears short-circuit faults in less than 30ms* which minimises thermal and mechanical stress on busbars and reduces arc flash energy during a fault. This high-level performance remains unmatched by our competitors to this day and helps improve safety for maintenance workers and reduces damage to the switchboard.
  3. Double Break contacts increase service life. Electrical and mechanical endurance ratings are the best available and well exceed the requirements of AS/NZS 60 947-2. Furthermore, the modular contact construction allows on-site replacement of each contact set in about 15 minutes per pole. **
  4. All the major serviceable components including the contact clusters and racking mechanism, are uniquely located on the ACB body. This allows for inspection once the body is racked out, dramatically reducing power downtime and inconvenience for critical loads.
  5. 3C integrated predictive maintenance technology. The breakthrough 3C integrated overheating protection system monitors the condition of the double break contacts and the conductive path. The status and wear of the contacts are determined by actual temperature measurement using integrated sensors that are connected to the protection relay. Real time contact temperature data is communicable to external BMS / SCADA systems and any abnormal contact heating triggers an alarm. This allows end users to manage and control any abnormal contract overheating proactively, not reactively (ie after a fire has already occurred).

*30ms figure applicable for all models except 5000/6300A frame size

** Main contacts to be maintained and replaced my certified Terasaki Technician.

TemPower 2 Air Circuit Breaker
Safety, Performance, Protection, Reliability.

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