Safety through security – protecting people and critical infrastructure from industrial safety and security threats

As businesses reap the benefits that greater connectivity provides for productivity and safety, there are also risks. More connection points can create more entrance points for security threats. These threats can be physical or digital, internal or external, malicious or unintentional. And they can pose a danger in many ways, including intellectual property loss, disrupted operations and compromised product quality.

Safety is perhaps the least discussed implication of security threats.

For starters, compromised safety systems that don’t stop machines when they reach a dangerous state or when a safety device is triggered can expose workers to the very threat from which they were supposed to be protected. Additionally, safety systems that aren’t able to stop production beyond certain operating conditions can expose other employees or an entire plant to risks, such as fires, chemical leaks or explosions.

NHP is your one-stop-shop to keep your people and your other assets safe from external threats and internal safety incidents. By offering complete solutions covering automation systems as well as smart power distribution, NHP can enable a data rich operation while protecting people and assets in the switchroom and across the plant.

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Safety Through Security brochure cover


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