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Registrations are now open for On Tour labs on MicroLogix Modernisation and Integrated Architecture Tools.

Experience MicroLogix™ migration tools for modernising to Micro800™ controllers

The MicroLogix Modernisation On Tour lab is designed to provide attendees with a hands-on learning experience with the latest MicroLogix migration tools to modernise to the latest Micro800 platform. Experience how these easy steps, using the latest software features and migration wizards, simplify your modernisation journey and help improve your system longevity.

  • Convert existing MicroLogix hardware into the Micro800 equivalent using Integrated Architecture Builder
  • Run and test existing MicroLogix program using RSLogix Emulate 500
  • Convert MicroLogix program to Micro800 using Connected Components Workbench software
  • Run the converted program using Micro800 Simulator
  • Using the Change Controller feature, convert the simulator project to a selected Micro800 controller
  • Use the copy/paste method to move program rungs directly from RSLogix 500 to Connected Components Workbench software.

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Integrated Architecture® Tools: Integrated Architecture® Builder and ProposalWorks™: Basic Lab

The Integrated Architecture Tools On Tour lab is designed to provide attendees with a hands-on learning experience with Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB) and ProposalWorks (PW).

Participants will learn how IAB and PW can help you select automation products, lay out control systems and generate proposals and bills of material for your projects with accuracy and efficiency – free of charge.

The virtual lab includes a product presentation followed by a hands-on lab. The total duration of the session is 2 hours.
What attendees will learn from hand-on labs:

  • Launch Integrated Architecture Builder, select and configure a controller, communication module, I/O, network switch and topology
  • Generate the hardware and network
  • Create a project bill of materials and use Project Checker to detect errors and generate a report
  • Launch ProposalWorks and learn its key features and menu options
  • Validate devices via Equipment list entry, Product Library, Copy/Paste and Import methods
  • Migrate obsolete devices
  • Export data to MS Office suite

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Participants are required to use their own PC and we recommend the following requirements for optimal experience:
- Microsoft account
- Internet connection (min 5Mbps)
- Two screens

For more information, please call your local NHP Account Representative or email us: 

Australia  1800 647 647 

New Zealand  0800 647 647
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