Protect your valuable equipment from demanding environments

Ventilation fans, heat exchangers, heaters and air conditioning units can maintain your electrical enclosure within the specified temperature range for the installed electrical equipment. However, they may not be enough to protect your equipment from potential damage.

Environmental temperature and humidity changes can cause pressure differentials and condensation to form inside an otherwise hermetically sealed enclosure. This can be due to the change between day time and night time temperature, changes in weather and/or the equipment inside operating under varying load conditions and heating up or cooling down.

This is also known as “sweating” and any electrical enclosure is susceptible to this effect, regardless of ingress protection rating. Even enclosures with an IP66 rating are not gas tight. Condensation inside an enclosure can cause short circuits and corrosion that can interfere with the proper functioning of the equipment installed inside the enclosure. In the longer term, it may cause permanent damage.

With this in mind, NHP brings to market pressure compensation and drainage devices to prevent condensation damage to the installed equipment. Pressure compensation devices reduce the formation of condensation while drainage devices expel any water droplets while maintaining the enclosure’s IP rating. Simple to install, these devices should be fitted to any enclosure subject to rapid environmental changes and to every enclosure mounted outside.

From cooling, heating to regulating and monitoring, NHP’s complete range of climate control solutions promises to maintain optimum conditions, maximise the efficiency and life expectancy of invaluable electrical and electronic equipment.

NHP has made solution selection easy ensuring your application environment is catered to and your project or equipment is not compromised.

To find out how NHP can tailor a solution for you, download the Easy Selection Guide below!

Climate Control
Follow the four easy steps in the Climate Control Easy Selection Guide to select the right climate control solution.


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