NHP's range expansion delivers maximum surge protection

With an increased offering in the surge protection range, NHP is pleased to bring to market the Type 1+2 3 Pole 200kA surge protection device.

Providing high robustness and increased longevity, these devices ensure maximum surge protection from direct light strikes and induced surge currents. Additional testing - 200 times at 20kA - ensures repeated protection against the more frequent surge events that occur when switching inductive and capacitive loads on your network.

For use on a 230/415Vac electrical system with TN-C-S earthing, these devices offer a remote lifetime indication, a reversible base and pluggable cartridges, allowing an easy and quick replacement.

Don’t put your installation at risk, ensure you eliminate potential damage and implement maximum protection with the Type 1+2 200kA surge protection device from NHP.

For more information and product details, download the brochure below!

Surge Protection - CPT-PSC3-25-400IR Flyer
A new addition to NHP’s Surge Protection range.

surge protection

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