Make smart devices smarter with FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices

FactoryTalk® Analytics for Devices transforms data into actionable health and diagnostic analytics that help contextualise your decision making and take device performance to the next level.

FactoryTalk® Analytics for Devices is delivered on an Allen-Bradley® VersaView appliance. Once connected to your EtherNet/IP network, each appliance can detect up to 100 devices, diagnose and log information and then store data on board to perform advanced historical diagnostics.

By monitoring and analysing conditions across multiple devices on the network, FactoryTalk® Analytics for Devices determines patterns, then delivers action cards to your browser or mobile device when a situation occurs that needs attention. It can also learn which issues are important to you via ‘vote on’ action cards and includes a chatbot to help answer questions about operations and devices.

The system auto generates and displays dashboards with contextualised information to notify users when issues are identified, monitors the control system on your behalf and performs system-level diagnostics to identify and solve hard-to-discover issues. It also generates analytics for the detected smart devices to identify health and maintenance issues that could impact performance.

To simplify the process of device health management, save time and improve usability, implement FactoryTalk® Analytics for Devices in just minutes to start analysing and solving problems. To find out more, speak with your NHP representative or call 1300 NHP NHP.

Make smart devices smarter with FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices
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