Local stock and manufacturing to secure supply chains for Defence

Recently, NHP has opened a new warehouse and assembly line at its national manufacturing and warehousing facility in Victoria dedicated to medium voltage (MV) products. NHP’s range of medium voltage (MV) products and solutions includes DFX-S kiosks, which are designed and manufactured specifically for the Defence sector, adhering to the Defence MIEE guidelines including the fifty year design life on switchgear. 

MV DFX series graphic

NHP is currently building a large number of MIEE compliant 1MVA kiosks for a major RAAF base. NHP’s Power Solutions Manager - MV/EV, Nicholas Burley said “Medium voltage equipment such as MIEE compliant kiosks are critical infrastructure for a Defence base and typically have long lead times. Availability of the core components such as the MV switchgear and transformers are vital to avoid delivery blow outs. The last few years have shown how quickly global shipping and logistics can break down, such as during COVID or the Suez Canal accident or even today with the Houthi pirates boarding ships in the Red Sea.”

“NHP has made the move to hold local stock of MIEE Defence specification compliant MV switchgear and transformers,” Burley continued. “Furthermore, we have invested in a new local MV switchgear assembly, customisation and testing line. These new investments show NHP’s commitment to supporting Australian Defence, mitigating supply chain risks and securing project deliveries, all while boosting local technical skills and jobs.”

NHP prides it’s self on providing a local, experienced, customer centric team of MV experts. NHP excels at providing project solutions that focus on:
• safety for people
• reliability of product
• availability of power
• compliance to MIEE standards
• customisation of solutions to meet customer needs.
NHPs MIEE compliant kiosks incorporate many technical features including:
• The ‘Arc-Killer’ quenching system which dramatically improves safety of people and minimsies damage to the critical MV equipment in the event of an arcing fault
• Visible earth switch and in line isolation
• Highest levels of safety when testing cables
• Switchgear with a 50-year design life
• Modern vacuum switching and load break technology
• Enclosure made from materials suitable for arduous environments
• Transformers are sized correctly to provide required power output at higher temperatures. 

Please call your local NHP Account Representative to discuss further, or email us:

Australia 1300 647 647 nhpsales@nhp.com.au

New Zealand 0800 647 647 sales@nhp-nz.com

MV manufacturing 
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