Lighten the load with NHP's range of MOD6 RCBOs

NHP’s MOD6 RCBOs provide a technologically advanced solution for today’s market requirements and are now available in 1P compact 18mm width, as well as the traditional 2P 36mm width.

As more sophisticated loads appear in the marketplace, the MOD6 range also provides a higher level of protection with Type AC RCD/RCBOs through to Type A RCD/RCBOs, which allow for protection against common rectified loads that may produce earth faults with a DC component.

The MOD6 RCD/RCBO range now also includes the option of switched neutral. It is important to isolate the load due to the increased likelihood of elevated neutral voltages caused by harmonics.

RCBOs that are longer than the regular MCBs can impact wiring zones and cause wiring congestion in switchboards. The MOD6 RCBO technologically advanced compact design solves this problem as it is the same size as a regular MCB.

The new advanced two screw design of the M6RCBD can now be fed from either the top or bottom terminals for more flexibility in the field. These new units can be indentified by seeing that the line and load labeling has been removed.

With the AS/NZS3000 wiring rules now mandatory in Australia (late 2019 New Zealand) it is critical that all installations are protected and comply with the updated standards. NHP’s complete range of circuit protection has you covered, including the MOD6 range, which features:

  • 6kA fault level
  • 6A to 63A current ratings MCBs in 1P, 2P & 3P
  • 6A to 40A current ratings RCBOs in 1P & 2P
  • 40A to 63A current ratings RCCBs in 2P or 4P
  • 10mA & 30mA sensitives

Offering unmatched reliability and assurance with over 10 years of market leadership, the entire MOD6 RCBO product range is also backed by NHP’s national service and support promise.

To find out more about the entire range of innovative MOD6 circuit protection, speak with you NHP representative or contact 1300 NHP NHP.

Lighten the load with NHPs range of MOD6 RCBOs hero

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