Kinetix motion modernisation and migration

Rockwell Automation is known for expanding human possibility through automation products and is now going through a modernisation program. Their range of motion servo drives is being migrated, using new components and the latest technology to aim for better performance and greater flexibility, resulting in higher productivity, improved human and machine safety and increased energy efficiency.

Modernisation and migration can bring significant improvements, including:

  • Better productivity
  • SMARTER machines
  • Rich and meaningful data (KPIs)
  • Sharing and using data to improve machine operation (including remote support)
  • Human and machine safety
  • Efficiency and sustainability
  • Streamline product/process development
  • Simplification (hardware and software)
  • Latest technological concepts and designs
  • Latest security measures

Rockwell Automation will no longer be offering the below product families for sale after 31 December 2023.

  • Kinetix 2000 multi-axis servo drives >5300
  • Kinetix 6000 multi-axis servo drives >5700
  • Kinetix 6200 multi-axis safe-speed servo drives >5700
  • Kinetix 7000 high power servo drives >5700 or PF755

To support you in transitioning, there are a range of direct, function and engineered replacement products customers can transition to.


If you still have questions after trying the available online resources, we encourage you to reach out to your local NHP Account Representative or email us:

Australia 1800 647 647

New Zealand 0800 647 647

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