Innovative technology sets benchmark for safety light curtains

NHP is proud to release the Allen-Bradley® GuardShield™ 450L Safety Light Curtain system that utilises patented transceiver technology to deliver a flexible, scalable and cost effective solution.

Ideal for use in manufacturing and plant environments, this innovative technology promises application versatility and ensuries optimal protection for personnel and machines.

Unlike traditional safety light curtains, which are based on separate transmitter and receiver units, this next generation light curtain system allows each transceiver to be used as a transmitter or receiver via an innovative plug-in module.

Installation is made quick and simple with rotatable top, bottom and side mounting brackets ensuring optimal flexibility to find the best alignment for your specific application. Not only are labour costs minimised, but with this advancement in machine safety, logistics of device implementation achieve stock reduction and lower maintenance.

The slim and compact design of the safety light curtain provides easy integration, featuring an active protective field offering end-to-end sensing across the entire length of the transceiver for full coverage to mitigate any inactive sensing areas. Depending on the resolution of the installed safety light curtain, any interruption will be detected and activate the safety function.

Providing a wide range of protection heights of up to 1,950mm, this unique piece of technology has multiple LED status indicators complimented by an advanced troubleshooting option capable of communicating with Connected Components Workbench™ Software.


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