Improve safety in your Connected Enterprise with 440GMZ Guard Locking Switches

Allen-Bradley Bulletin 440G-MZ Guard Locking Switches help protect personnel and are suitable for many types of guard doors, including full-sized guard doors. These switches allow full body access to the safeguarded area, where a high holding force and a wide tolerance to guard misalignment, as well as an escape release option are commonly required.

The 440G-MZ has embedded GuardLink® technology which makes it a smart device and enables premier integration.

  • Optimised for full body access
  • Provides holding force of 2500 N for guard locking a full-size guard door
  • Optional escape release enables exit from the safeguarded area
  • Includes tongue actuator movement in multiple axes which facilitates +/-5 mm misalignment tolerance
  • Offers network integration via EtherNet/IP communication adapter with safety relay
  • Includes RFID unique (high) or standard (low) coded actuator for flexible level of tamper-proofing
  • Features highly visible 270° wrap-around LEDs for ‘link’ and ‘device’ status
  • Offers SIL 3, PLe, Cat 4 safety ratings – the highest level of safety
  • Available to operate as a standalone device (5-pin OSSD connection) or in a GuardLink system
  • Includes mounting with three entry points on hinged or sliding doors
  • Available in two models: power-to-release (safety of people) and power-to-lock (machine protection)

The GuardLink™ technology safety system will enhance safety in your Connected Enterprise. AllenBradley® Guardmaster® smart safety devices that feature GuardLink technology deliver information, advanced functionality and flexibility, also increasing machine and plant-wide efficiency.

Protect your people, productivity, and environment with Allen-Bradley Safety Components and integrated Safety Solutions. We understand your factory floor challenges and can help you meet your goals with one of the broadest safety portfolios in the industry.

For more information on 440G-MZ Guard Locking Switches or other Rockwell Automation products, please contact your local NHP Account Representative or email us:

Australia 1800 647 647

New Zealand 0800 647 647


440G-MZ Guard Locking Switches 
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