Designing custom panelboards is easier than ever with NHP

Designing custom panelboards is easier than ever with NHP

NHP’s custom Panelboard range can be delivered in non-standard configurations through an easy end to end design to a manufactured solution.

This new and advanced design XPD software produces 2D CAD drawings or 3D models for better visualisation of the project. XPD allows custom designs to be quickly engineering at NHP’s state of the art National Manufacturing and Distribution Centre.

Also available are the NHP Concept Panelboard 3D Rivet models that can be used in a BIM (Building Information Modelling) program. Rivet models solve the common problem of underestimated switchboard space in building designs.

The correct NHP Concept Panelboard Rivet model for a project can be selected by nominating the panelboard and main switch, circuit number and colour with just a few simple clicks. For indoor applications, the range includes Concept One IP40, and Concept Plus IP42 (the option of IP52 is also available). The Concept Premier (IP66) is also available for outdoor applications. Once selected, the model can then be placed in the building design to ensure suitable space is allocated.

To assist with the planning of incoming/outgoing cables and mounting accessories, 2D AutoCAD drawings displaying overall dimensions and the general arrangement of internal components such as busbar chassis, spare DIN rail and the location of main switch are also available.

Explore the interior of NHP’s Concept Premier Panelboard with a 3D ‘ant’s perspective’ interactive experience now.

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