Availability and pricing info is now at your fingertips!

There’s no need to wait any more on a response to your availability and pricing enquiries!

We are excited to introduce you to the NHP Portal’s latest feature, which allows you to conveniently access stock availability and pricing 24/7.

In one easy to use page, you can now:

• view availability and pricing on multiple items
• obtain expected despatch dates on out-of-stock items
• export your results to an Excel file or send them via email
• save your query as a template to quickly update results any time.

Availability and Pricing 1

Where can I find availability and pricing?

Simply log into your account and choose ‘Availability and Price’ from the menu.

Not yet registered? Click here to get started.

Availability and Pricing 2

We are continually working to make it easier to do business with us online, so please keep an eye on your inbox to stay abreast of future enhancements to the NHP Portal!

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