Centralise energy data and make informed decisions on optimise your business and improve energy usage.

Buildings form one of the largest cost centres in businesses and represent an untapped opportunity for improving bottom line. Understanding how a building performs with respect to energy consumption begins with having access to the right information - which should be easy to find and interpret.

NHP can provide you with both hardware and software-based offerings to centralise hourly trending data from a wide range of SMART devices locally or remotely to meet the requirements of the NCC 2019, part J8.3(c).


The UWP 3.0 is a powerful solution for monitoring, centralising and storing a building's energy usage data as well as offering an open interface for building management functions. Its comprehensive communication capabilities offer the ability to act as a datalogger, gateway or controller for BACnet devices and gather data from meters, environmental sensors and other Modbus devices including our suite of power distribution products. It can also be used in retrofit applications to centralize other web-server based solutions with newly installed meters.


The EM² Server is a software solution provided as a virtual machine for installation on a PC or server. It aggregates data from up to 100 UWP3.0 or VMU-C devices into a centralised web server and synoptics page, visualising the layout and locations of connected meters.

Energy Metering

From the sale of the first NHP energy meter in the 1970's, NHP's intimate industry knowledge combined with our comprehensive product solution offering makes NHP a valuable partner providing the confidence to take on the most demanding of challenges. Assisting with the planning, implementation, and review process, NHP is there each step to ensure its customers achieve their energy efficiency goals. Click here to view the range of energy management products from NHP including energy meters, power quality analysers and current transformers.

Energy Monitoring

Our Energy Monitoring products keep you well-informed of how much power you use, what your major loads are, when you use electric power the most, how much you pay for it, and the quality of the power you uses.

Power Quality

NHP’s cutting edge power quality technology combines power factor correction and harmonic mitigation into one cabinet.

Combing NHP’s Static Var Generator (SVG) and the Active Power Filter (APF) into a single unit will correct both reactive power and harmonics all whilst balancing the load. This harmonious solution is easy to implement, economically viable, and provides a complete, single tier solution to the main power quality issues faced on site.

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