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Maximise your power availability through innovation

Enabling a Connected Enterprise starts with SMART Distribution

Implement a network populated with devices that can sense and communicate a wealth of technical health and diagnostic data to help you efficiently use the available energy, reduce operating costs, improve safety of the switchroom and better predict the failure mode of critical devices long before any unexpected power blackout occurs.

SMART Distribution is a high performance, digitally connected, cost optimized power reticulation product suite for Medium and Low Voltage applications ensuring your energy is connected at all levels.

Benefits of SMART Distribution

A SMART Distribution solution is the next evolution to address each of these challenges through switchgear innovation, data integration and enhanced safety

Digitally connected to monitor and analyse energy and maintenance data to improve facility performance

Communicate all necessary energy, protection and switchgear health analytics on fixed and mobile networks to manage multiple energy sources, gain visibility into energy-saving, as well as view and report your energy consumption and regulatory compliance.

Improve power stability, power quality and power redundancy

Implement a CLOSED or OPEN transition transfer switch with bypass capability for extra redundancy & maximum power availability.

Achieve close to unity power factor and mitigate the damaging effects of harmonics with the expandable Static Var Generator and Active Harmonic Filter switchboard tier.

Enhance your protection of people and assets

Implement the latest predictive technology to help prevent electrical arcing fault, fires and shocks. Recover quickly from power outages with full access to the right information when and where you need it. Optimise operational and maintenance processes that improves occupant comfort and safety.

Improved team productivity and collaboration

Communicate, share and manage incidents with team members at the touch of your smart phone.

Improve business continuity

Centralised analytics tools, reporting and alerts designed for SMART Distribution reveal operational insights to ensure maximum facility operation by avoiding power outage and assets breakdown.

Predictive maintenance and extended service life

Adopt a predictive maintenance approach to increase equipment reliability by anticipating issues before they happen. Resolve issues faster when they do arise through event analytics and the use of real time switchboard and switchgear internal temperature data.

Case Studies

JP157 Aviation Refuelling Vehicles Facilities Project

Stanwell Power Station Upgrade
Stanwell, Queensland - October, 2018

With safety and operational efficiency taking priority, the decision to retrofit ACBs installed in the plant was made, and Stanwell saw NHP as the preferred choice to perform the services required for the upgrade.

Enabling the Connected Enterprise - SMART Devices

SMART Safety
SMART Motor Control
SMART Monitoring

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