Working at NHP

At NHP, we recognise that people are the cornerstone of our success, so we need to take care of them! From providing opportunities for professional development to creating a positive working environment and ensuring the health and wellbeing of staff, NHP is committed to attracting, developing and keeping the best talent.

Guiding Principles

Central to our identity, our company culture is built on a shared set of Guiding Principles that shape our behaviours at all levels of the business.

Flexible Discipline
A balanced approach that applies our ingenuity and judgement to proven business processes.
The satisfaction that comes from loving what we do and experiencing success together.
Team Spirit
An appreciation of one another’s that creates a strong sense of pride and family.
The ultimate form of leadership that fosters open and honest relationships.
Empowering customers
Appreciating that our success is defined by that of our customers and as we continue to grow from strength to strength we empower the customer to do the same.
Make a Difference
Underpinning what we do and how we do things, our ability to make a difference defines us.
Guiding Principles

Work/Life Balance

With over 800 staff across 50 branch locations in Australia and New Zealand, NHP’s vast workforce is our most important asset – and that’s why we go to great lengths to ensure we provide a healthy work life balance that brings the best out of people!

Our origins as a family business have helped shape our work culture and with a large majority of our team with over 5 years’ service and 20% with over 10 years’ service, we’re proud to create an environment that staff want to be a part of.

Social Clubs
In-House Training/ Professional Development
Employee Benefits


When local truly means local…

NHP is renowned in the electrical industry for their local branch and regional network that services customers across Australia and New Zealand. No matter how good a product may be, it is nothing without the expert knowledge and understanding of the environment in which it will operate.

As a 100% Australian owned company, our customers recognise that when we say we understand their needs, we really mean it. NHP’s philosophy of ‘people doing business with people’ has always rung true, and by having an extensive local presence we’re able to respond to our customer’s needs.

It also means there’s plenty of places to start a career with us!

Types of Roles

With a broad range of career paths in all areas of the business, at NHP we offer a number of roles to cater for prospective employees wishing to join our team!

Tech Support
Electrical Workshop
Distribution & Supply Chain
Project Management
Electrical Services
Customer Service
Human Resources
Other Corporate
Work Experience

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