Smart Motor Control


Limited Visibility to Energy Usage

There is no access to process specific real time energy data or trends to analyse and find cost savings.

No Predictive Warnings or Historical Information

The first sign of a problem is when a motor has tripped and a process has stopped.

Slow Information Sharing

Sharing of operational events is a time-consuming manual process

Multiple Architectures across Control, Safety and Motion

Disparate systems introduce increased engineering, maintenance and training time

Limited or No Safety Functionality

Systems have no safety or cumbersome installation with limited diagnostics

Smart Motor Control


A Smart Motor Control solution is the next evolution to address each of these challenges through connectivity and informed decision making.

Ability to Track and Analyse Energy Usage

View and trend device specific energy usage, enabling you to focus improvement programs on power quality, starting technology and process optimisation.

Predictive Warnings and Targeted Troubleshooting

Find the problem before it occurs by remotely monitoring and proactively alerting users on key parameters of specific devices in real-time (% thermal capacity, FLA, Time to trip).

Reduced Architecture Complexity

Move from disparate systems to working in a single control architecture and software environment with ethernet connecting standard, motion and safety control.

Improved Team Productivity and Collaboration

Communicate, share and manage incidents with team members at the touch of your smart phone.

Maximised Worker Safety

Networked safety functionality allows safe interaction and quick return to production from routine maintenance procedures, minimising likelihood of bypassing the safety system.


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For more information on our comprehensive product offering click through any of the areas below

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Motor Protection

Protect your load from dangerous electrical conditions, utilize data to find efficiencies and act before a problem occurs.

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Soft Starters

Reduce electrical/mechanical stress on motor start/stop for fixed speed applications.

View details
Condition Monitoring

Predict when to perform mechanical maintenance through harmonic vibration analysis that can prevent downtime of your critical assets.

View details
Component Drives

Variable speed control for simple standalone control applications inclusive of safety functionality.

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Architecture Drives

Variable speed high performance, flexibility, safety and seamless integration to Logix PLC up to 1500kW..

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Liquid Resistance Starters

Achieve unparalleled starting performance and control of wound rotor (slip ring) motors from 200kW to 12.4MW.


Case Sudies


Smart MCC included in construction of a bauxite mine and associated processing and port facilities on Cape York Peninsula.

Blue Lake Milling

Networked drives & CompactLogix PLC integration for site expansion inclusive new warehouse, packing room & hulling facilities.

Liquid Pack

OEM system of networked drives, servos and safety with PLC integration in single software environment.

Solutions Content

Motor Control Solutions Brochure

Motor control capability across industries

Technical News

High Efficiency Motors

Harmonics Part 1

Harmonics Part 2

Technical Literature

DeviceLogix Technology for Industrial Applications

SMC-50 Soft Starter Whitepaper New control advances: Sensorless Linear Acceleration

Soft Starter Bypass Technology in Smart Motor Controllers

When to Use a Soft Starter or AC Variable Frequency Drive whitepaper

Smart Phone Apps

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Contactor Ratings Chart (Sprecher + Schuh)

Contactor Ratings Chart (Allen-Bradley)

People & Services

For more information on our people and services capabilities contact your local NHP representative today.

Commisioning & Startup

Our field commissioning and start-up services are available to assess application demands and configure products in accordance with your project requirements.

Emergency Breakdown Assistance

We offer 24/7/365 protection, ensuring that your assets continue to work for you. Our service technicians and engineers are on standby to provide you with rapid assistance if required.


NHP technicians and engineers can provide private one on one training at your site. Our field service training capability includes equipment operation and maintenance related to your site install base.

Site Assessments & Reliability Evaluations

We can evaluate your site for factors that impact reliability and life cycle of your equipment. This can include recommendations to address efficiency issues and reducing your costs.

Power Quality Audits

Displacement power factor or harmonics issues, we can assess your site and provide a detailed summary and recommendations to achieve your goals.

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Smart Motor Control Interactive Brochure

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