Your industrial wireless solution just became more valuable

ProSoft Technology’s best-in-class industrial wireless radios from NHP just got more valuable for machine builders with an added Network Address Translation (NAT) capability to the RLX2-IHNF, IHA, and IHG products.

NAT is a function that lets the IP addresses of devices on one side of the wireless radio look like different IP addresses on the other side.

For a machine builder, this is a big deal.

Consider a machine builder who has 30 identical machines in a single system. The machine builder would like to use the same programming in each machine, but the unofficial “Laws of EtherNet” require that all IP addresses must be unique. Instead of re-programming all those machines with unique device IP addresses, the machine builder can now just enable NAT on the wireless radio of each machine. The devices on the machine can keep their cookie-cutter programming code, and the radio can translate those devices to a set of unique IP addresses on the plant network.

Simply update your radios to the latest v37b firmware version and NAT in the radio eliminates a lot of extra engineering and test time for machine builders - Think NHP and ProSoft Technology for all your industrial wireless communication solutions.


ProSoft Comms Radio Wireless

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