Ushering a new wave of technology of pull wire switches

Together, NHP and Rockwell Automation reveal the smartest pull wire switch on the market – Lifeline™ 5. Delivering a microprocessor-based solution, this device exhibits advanced features and diagnostics to simplify setup and allows for more efficient maintenance and troubleshooting, making it the most advanced switch on the market today.

The Lifeline 5™ is the first in industry to have solid-state output, performing at the highest safety ratings of Ple, Cat. 4 and SIL CL3. This range compensates for thermal expansion and cable sag as well as nuisance trips due to objects or personnel inadvertently striking the cable.

With a high threshold for temperature and suitability for high-pressure washdown environments, these switches are capable to endure arduous conditions.

The easy-to-see 270° LED indicators assist in cable tensioning for quick, precise setup while providing switch status and diagnostics during operation.

These innovative pull wire switches provide an intelligent component, complimenting NHP’s Smart Safety solution.


Lifeline 5

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