Unlock hidden insights with advanced metering technology

Further broadening NHP’s comprehensive energy management product portfolio, NHP introduces the Carlo Gavazzi WM50 branch circuit energy meter, ideal for monitoring individual loads and critical equipment.

Utilising the TCD12 split core CT’s which are also perfect for retrofit applications, the WM50 can monitor up to 96 current channels for single, two and three phase measurements, providing granular insight into energy usage at each circuit at a greatly reduced measurement cost per channel.

Perfect for applications in power critical environments such as hospitals, data centres, food storage and industrial production systems, this scalable device can be integrated easily with accessory modules that expand its control and communication capacity.

Installation is quick and easy via quick connect cables between the TCD12 split core CT’s and the WM50 meter and intuitive configuration via Carlo Gavazzi’s free to download configurator tool significantly reduces installation time and cost.

Think NHP for your next energy management and monitoring project. For more information, please contact your local NHP Sales Representative or call 1300 NHP NHP.


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