Time to migrate to Sprecher Schuh KT9 motor protection circuit breakers

Realise cost savings in industrial applications with new Sprecher + Schuh KT9 motor protection circuit breakers! 

For over 20 years, the KT7 Motor Protection Circuit Breaker has been a valuable part of NHP’s motor control and protection portfolio. As technology advances and modern design techniques become ‘the norm’, the new Sprecher + Schuh KT9 will supersede KT7, taking over as the premier motor protection circuit breaker.  

Available in sizes up to 40 amps, the KT9 range includes motor circuit protectors for three-component starters and motor protection circuit breakers for two-component starters. Special KT9 product variants also address specific applications, such as protecting high-inrush, high-efficiency motors. 

Download the KT9 product brochure and KT7 to KT9 migration guide

For more information, please contact your local NHP Account Representative or email us.

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