The best range of switchboard safety products on the market

Nothing’s more important than protecting personnel from dangerous electrical faults. NHP’s range of switchboard safety products will also protect other valuable assets, minimise downtime and improve productivity.

An RCD testing system to maximise safety and meet compliance requirements

The Rapid Test system is a Wi-Fi based RCD testing system which allows testing of RCDs to be performed quickly and safely. RCDs are usually tested either directly at the RCD which exposes the electrician to the risks of live work, or at socket outlets located throughout the building, which is more time consuming for a technician but with reduced risk.

Rapid Test significantly reducing downtime by completing RCD testing up to 180 times faster than traditional RCD testing methods, as RTS allows RCDs to be tested with the panelboard escutcheon closed, so there is no access to live parts. All the technician needs to do at the switchboard is physically reset the RCD.

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TemRack iR – a fully integrated automated motorised ACB racking device

The most likely time for an arc fault to occur in a switchroom is during electrical and mechanical operations, such as switching, isolation and racking of circuit breakers. It is common practice in the industry to use personal protective equipment (PPE) for operator protection during these operations, however it is more effective to isolate the operator entirely from the arc fault hazard. Isolation involves personnel being separated from the energised electrical equipment and conductors.

NHP's TemRack iR is a fully integrated automated motorised racking device, which enables remote racking of the Terasaki TemPower 2 AR ACB body in and out of its associated carriage. The automated racking function permits safe isolation of the ACB with zero physical interaction between personnel and the ACB, thereby reducing the risk of exposure to explosive arc fault events and high incident energy.

REMLIVE electrical safety live line indicators

REMLIVE electrical safety live line indicators (RL24IC) provide a visual reminder that a circuit is live, which reduces the risk of accidents, speeds up the fault-finding process and ultimately saves lives. 

The REMLIVE monitoring unit is typically connected to the outgoing side (load side) of the isolating point or switch, the operator/user performing the isolation check can view that the device is functional (LEDs ON) when connected to supply, and once isolation is performed, can observe the change of state (LEDs changing from ON to OFF) on the REMLIVE display unit after isolation has occurred. This is important, as even after isolation has occurred, dangerous voltage levels can still be present in the circuit and be unsafe for the operator who is exposed to the installation. The REMLIVE product assists in this regard by providing visual indication if the circuit is still live even after an isolator has been switched off. 

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GB isolation chassis

The POWERMAX GB 250A chassis is designed to provide a quick and easy method to connect or remove DIN-T MCBs and RCBOs without having to work on any live components.

A key feature of GB busbar chassis is that each tee-off has a colour coded inbuilt isolation switch with mechanical interlock to reduce the risk of having to work in live environments. The DIN T GB Busbar Chassis also offers easy maintenance and troubleshooting, with clear colour coded labelling to easily identify correct corresponding phase along with the fully shrouded busbar providing touch protection.

GB Isolation Chassis 
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