Sharpen your skills with NHP's Power Hub


NHP recently opened NHP Power Hub, a training facility in Melbourne, showcasing a full power distribution solution, and in particular, highlighting our medium voltage capabilities.

A full range of medium voltage equipment is displayed, including DF2 de-mountable switchgear with a variety of functional panels, withdrawable switchgear, ring main units, oil immersed and cast resin transformers, Agile protection relays and a 2MVA kiosk substation.

Our high quality medium voltage products are fitted to replicate a site installation and have advanced features that require demonstration which not only delivers a certain level of knowledge and training, but instils confidence in our customers.

One such feature is the built-in arc quenching system ‘Arc Killer’ can extinguish an arc in less than 50ms. Exclusive to NHP switchgear, Arc Killer is a unique worldwide patented system developed in Europe for the DF2 series air insulated modular type switchgear.

To complement the central facility, and upon request, NHP have a range of switchgear products that are available to visit interstate and remote customers for training purposes.

To further expand on our offering, Competency Training (CT) will be utilising the facility for the High Voltage Switching Operations course to give students the ability to undertake a variety of practical activities and applications in a safe and controlled environment. To organise a tour, please contact your local NHP sales representative.

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