Say goodbye to nuisance tripping with the 440GEZ Electromagnetic Safety Switch

Safety guard-locking switches are a key component in any process or manufacturing system, ensuring both machine and personnel safety while improving process efficiency.

Rockwell Automation has introduced the Allen-Bradley 440G-EZ Electromagnetic Guard Locking Switch for use in existing safety applications. It allows system designers to effectively provide safety, stream-line maintenance and reduce the nuisance tripping caused by normal machine behaviour. This is achieved by the absence of a physical lock and the adoption of an electromagnetic switch, while providing enough holding force. 

The 440G-EZ Electromagnetic Guard Locking Switch is simple to install and align the electromagnetic switch since there is no tongue actuator and has a power to lock function.

Other benefits include improved efficiency by minimising downtime and long restart delays and reduced scrap wastage.

For more information, please refer to the product profile.

Say goodbye to nuisance tripping with the 440G-EZ Electromagnetic Safety Switch

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