SMART motor control solutions for the water industry

Rockwell Automation architectures for more sustainable water management

Today’s municipal water utilities are challenged to maintain a consistent supply of affordable clean water – and to do so sustainably. That means focusing on ways to improve resource management and energy efficiency.

Smart Motor Control Solutions can help utilities achieve their goals in critical applications including:

• Pumping
• Dewatering
• Aeration

Smart Motor Control for pumping systems can help you to:

• Increase pump output to meet increased capacity demands
• Improve energy efficiency
• Reduce engineering and installation costs
• Avoid unexpected downtime

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Drive more uptime and energy savings with Rockwell Automation architecture

CompactLogix™ Controller
Configure drive operation and control in the Logix environment and enable a simpler, premier integration experience. Speed development time and more easily connect to critical device information in one unified software environment.

FactoryTalk InnovationSuite
Remotely monitor assets, predict equipment failure and identify improvement opportunities.

PowerFlex Low Voltage Drive
Enable seamless integration into Logix control architectures along with automatic device configuration, thanks to premier integration.

Drives with Active Front End technology deliver built-in harmonic mitigation
• Reduce the impact of harmonic distortion to support IEEE 519 compliance
• Decrease panel and floor space requirements
• Cut wiring and installation time/costs.

PowerMonitor 5000 Power Meter
Incorporate detailed power quality information into management systems for analysis and resolution. The power meter measures current and voltage and calculates an extensive array of power quality information to help uncover not only incoming power issues, but also those occurring throughout a facility.

Process Control for Water/Wastewater
Increase flexibility and enable better decision making with the PlantPAx distributed control system (DCS). Based on open communication standards leveraging EtherNet/IP, this modern DCS connects process, discrete, power, information and safety control into one plant-wide infrastructure.

FactoryTalk InnovationSuite
Remotely monitor assets, predict equipment failure and identify improvement opportunities.

SMC™-50 Soft Starters
Enable advanced monitoring and protection – and superior communication capabilities. Increase efficiency and reduce downtime with Energy Efficiency mode.

Open EtherNet/IP Network Across All Levels
Reduce engineering and maintenance costs by securely integrating devices like your MCC, I/O, field instruments and other third-party devices over an EtherNet/IP network.

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