Reliable transfer switching equipment - how critical is your power?

Depending on the load requirements the implementation of a reliable, secondary supply of electrical power can be critical to maintaining equipment operation on your site.

The role of automatic transfer switch equipment (ATSE) is to provide a dependable power transfer between the main supply and the emergency (typically a generator) supply to essential or critical loads.

When the main supply fails or is deemed unhealthy (e.g., phase loss), the transfer switch detects the event with certainty, starts the standby generator and transfers the load to the emergency generator when it is ready. When the main source becomes available again, the ATSE will transfers back to the main supply (sometimes under conditional criteria), provides a cool down period to the generator, if any, prior to stopping it. When the emergency source is a transformer, the generator start/stop sequences are not implemented.

The contribution of the ATSE to the reliability of the installation is as important as the transformer, generator or protection devices. As a consequence, the choice of ATSE architecture is a major responsibility of the designer.

As with any design, a set of key objectives need to be defined. The design objectives for an ATSE in order of importance are to:

* safely transfer between incoming supplies, automatically
* ensure isolation between each form of supply
* provide appropriate withstand to maintain electrical protection offered by protective devices and switchgear in the installation
* be capable of safe and straightforward manual operation by operators in emergency/shutdown situations
* provide end users with a cost-effective solution with minimal maintenance.

Socomec ATSE solutions from NHP

NHP offers a wide range of open transition load break-based transfer switches from Socomec (ATyS) that guarantee both the continuity of the power supply and the safety of operators. All devices comply with IEC 60947-3 and 60947.6.1. The complete ATyS range is user friendly with a quick and easy installation and commissioning process, catering for applications from 40 to 3200 A. Its stable positions allow energy consumption to be minimised while ensuring maximum immunity to loads from electrical network disturbances, making this a truly robust and reliable solution.

For more information, please call your local NHP Account Representative or email us:

Australia 1300 647 647

New Zealand 0800 647 647

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