Protect your operations with Integrated Condition Monitoring solutions from NHP

In any plant, there are assets, big or small, that are imperative to the overall operation and ensuring their condition is monitored is essential. Being informed about your machines’ status will protect from damage, prevent problems that would result in a loss of production, assure or improve quality, and reduce maintenance costs.

When it comes to rotating and reciprocating industrial machinery, the most effective data collection is bearing and casing vibration readings, and often these critical rotating assets are monitored using periodic manual data collection.

This level of analysis provides customers with historical insight into asset performance, however too often customers are not acquiring or analysing this data in a timely manner and are missing early warnings signs of developing problems. Missing these indicators can result in equipment failure and can impact maintenance budgets and productivity goals.

Integrated Condition Monitoring

Whilst routine maintenance is often applied to critical machinery at scheduled intervals to prevent failure, predicative maintenance techniques are designed to help determine the condition of equipment and predict when maintenance should be performed reducing unnecessary scheduling maintenance works or unplanned production loss caused by a failure.

To truly achieve predictive intelligence, real-time 24/7 monitoring of your critical rotating assets is required. With

online monitoring of your critical assets, permanent sensors are installed to constantly monitor your critical assets’ performance and can report any deviations immediately. With Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Condition Monitoring solutions from NHP, this online solution has just become even easier to integrate.

The Allen-Bradley® Dynamix™ 1444 Series has been specifically designed to integrate into your existing control system allowing you to leverage existing investments in your SCADA and information solutions platforms.

To protect equipment, Dynamix™ 1444 measures and monitors a machine’s critical dynamic and position parameters and assures appropriate actions are performed, with the precision, reliability, and performance required by industry and regulatory standards.

For general condition monitoring, the Dynamix™ 1444 monitors offer unprecedented signal processing and measurement capabilities allowing you the tools necessary to detect and identify the faults and status across all classes of industrial machinery. You can send information to plant-wide and enterprise-wide databases for storage and trending. With this information, you can take appropriate maintenance action, such as replacing worn-out components before they fail, protecting both production and equipment while reducing maintenance costs.

The programming environment tightly integrates into Rockwell Software Studio 5000®, so you can deploy and maintain condition monitoring programming in the same design environment used for your standard automation control. Vibration and temperature data can be integrated in the same control platform where operators can easily review both equipment conditions and process data to make educated production decisions.

Furthermore, complex condition monitoring analysis can be converted into a simple and easy display, providing a reliable indication of equipment health that is easily understood by both operators and maintenance personal without requirement for dedicated mechanical skillsets.

Rockwell Automation and NHP deliver Integrated Condition Monitoring solutions to help you keep your plant floor running productively by detecting potential equipment failures with intelligent components performing real-time processing of critical parameters used in assessing the current health and predicting the future health of industrial machinery.


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