Power quality that delivers cost savings, with productivity and efficiency gains

Power quality that delivers cost savings and productivity and efficiency gains

Looking to reduce electricity bills or improve productivity and performance? Look no further than Delta’s Static Var generator (SVG) or Active Power Filtering (APF) solutions from NHP for a smart investment choice which delivers more reliable and adaptable modern technology to improve power factor and mitigate harmonics

Delta’s Power Quality products:

  • Correct poor power factor and network imbalance
  • Deliver harmonic mitigation up to the 50th harmonic (active harmonic filters)
  • Provide options of standalone and modular designs
  • Wall mount (up to 100kVAr/100A) and floor standing options available in IP30 and IP54 (up to 700kVAr/700A).
  • Utilise both APF and SVG technologies together in an all-in-one Total Power Factor Correction system

As the trusted partner for Delta Power Quality solutions in AUS/NZ, NHP is excited to have recently become the approved repair agent for Delta Power Quality in Australia and New Zealand. Have the assurance you need with your power quality investment supported, serviced and now locally repaired by NHP’s service team, with a presence across the length and breadth of Australia and New Zealand.

Want to discuss our power quality solutions and commissioning service? Get in touch with your NHP representative today!

New to the world of Power Quality and want to know more? Find selection guides, technical news and calculation tools for NHP’s dynamic power quality solutions here. 

For more information on NHP's SMART Distribution or how NHP's Service team can provide turnkey solutions for your business, please call your local NHP Account Representative or email us:

Australia - 1300 NHP NHP nhpsales@nhp.com.au
New Zealand - 0800 NHP NHP sales@nhp-nz.com 

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