PDN - The modern day telemetry system

Telemetry is used in water, mining, energy, law enforcement, retail, oil, gas and a host of other applications around the world. Telemetry is an automated communications process by which measurements and other data are collected and subsequently transmitted to receiving equipment for monitoring and control. Traditionally this is done via radio but many modern telemetry systems take advantage of the low cost GSM networks by using SMS to receive and transmit telemetry data. The problem with these types of networks is the small amount of data being sent. SMS stands for short message system after all so we can’t expect to send much data.

PDN The modern day telemetry system hero

ProSoft is about to revolutionise this with the release of Persistent Data Network (PDN).

PDN is permanent secure remote access between two or more modems. Traditional remote access is used to connect to a remote site to perform a task and then this is disconnected. PDN has the ability to stay connected. If the connection is broken for some reason, it will self-heal and re-establish the link between modems.

Modems are able to have multiple connections through tools like OPEN VPN and IPSEC, but this then requires redundant servers, special SIM cards and are not very easy to set up. PDN changes this. The redundant servers and complicated networks are managed for you in a simple easy to set up secure network. The modems can even use off the shelf standard SIM cards. Now more data can be sent a lot quicker.

Set up costs with PDN are much smaller as distance, line of sight issues from hills, buildings trees etc are a thing of the past. Any location on the globe with a GSM signal is a potential telemetry location. Even locations with wired broadband internet access can be a potential PDN telemetry location. Contact NHP for more information.

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